First Look: Floe DX RGB All-in-One Cooler

When you’re a newbie PC builder, the idea of liquid cooling is kind of terrifying. It evokes images of complicated tubing and defies all logic by putting water anywhere near an electronic item. But, it seems so many people swear by liquid cooling nowadays. Especially if you plan to overclock your CPU, or want a bit of extra oomph for gaming. So, if you’re looking for an amazing All in one Liquid Cooler with a bit of extra pizzazz, then let us introduce you to our new Floe DX RGB All-in-One Cooler.



Starting off with the most eye catching part of the Cooler. This all-in-one features our new high-static pressure Riing Duo RGB fans. These fans utilize a long-life hydraulic bearing and compression fan blade design. This means you get outstanding performance, without distracting loud fan noises.  Like many of our other RGB items, these are fully customisable, with up to 16.8 million colour options. You are also able to synch up with our other RGB items through our patented TT RGB plus software. This also includes any Razer Chroma items you may own.

The cooler also comes with Amazon Alexa integration. This allows you to dictate the speed and lighting of the fans just by asking your old pal Alexa to help you out. But if you are Alexa-less, never fear! Our own TT AI voice control App is another option, utilizing voice control through your phone. In further RGB news, our water block isn’t forgotten either, with some added RGB goodness on the exterior of that as well.



Now down to the nitty gritty – details time! Believe it or not, all-in-one’s are generally designed with novices in mind, who want simple, compact liquid cooling that will still enable you to show off all your internals. And this all-in-one is no exception. The Floe DX series comes in three sizes, the 240mm, 280mm and 360mm, the former including 2 fans and the latter, three. This means you have a few options to suit your specific case size.

You also don’t really have to worry about clearance issues with an all-in-one either. This is due to it laying flat in the chassis, unlike many of those big bulky air coolers. The thermal paste comes pre-applied to the water block itself as well. Combining a copper base plate and a reliable pump, this cooler can provide unparalleled head dissipation, all the while looking very stylish.

This all-in-one is easy to install and provides basically maintenance-free operation with pre-filled coolant. So, there isn’t need to change the water at all! Cleaning wise, just do a spray with a can of compressed air through the rails when you’re doing a general PC clean, and you’re done! The cables use reinforced sleeves that will prevent damage and potential leaking. Each Floe DX All-in-One includes brackets that are compatible with both AMD and Intel CPU’s, so don’t stress if you are one or the other, all CPU’s are welcome here.


There you have it, our gorgeous new Floe DX RGB All-in-One cooler! If you haven’t switched to an all-in-one and you want either great overclocking abilities, or just a new sleeker look instead of a bulky air cooler, the Floe DX RGB might just be the AIO for you! If you want to check it out further, jump over to our website here! Or go watch our recent video on it here!

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