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Must have Mods for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Even though it’s an older game, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion still holds up as a super fun RPG! But, here are 7 amazing mods to make it even better!

7 Games that NEED a Remake or Remaster ASAP!

Some old games out there are CRYING out for a remake! So, here is my list of 7 games that need a remaster or remake ASAP!

Game Remakes and Remasters: Harmless nostalgia, or shameless cash grabs?

Nostalgia is all the rage nowadays. With game remakes and remasters seemingly coming out every other month; are they harmless fun, or shameless cash grabs?

7 AMAZING Underrated Games

Some games seem to be everywhere and played by everyone, whilst some sadly fade into the background. So, here are 7 Underrated games not to miss out on!

9 PC Games to Play In Isolation

If you’re running out of things to do stuck at home at the moment, we have the list for you! Here are 9 Games to Play in Isolation to help pass the time!

7 Games that could be great films (or TV shows!)

Many think a decent game to film adaptation is impossible, but I say that’s not so! Here are 7 Games that could be great films (or TV shows!)

15 Favorite Sims Packs (Happy 20 years The Sims!)

Happy 20th birthday the Sims! To celebrate, here is a list of my personal favorite packs from the latest game The Sims 4, to help you decide your next pack!

“Crunch” : A necessary evil, or just mismanagement?

Crunch is becoming the gaming industry’s worst kept secret. But is this practice just a standard part of this industry? Or should it be banned for good?

11 Best Game End Credits Sequences

Reaching the end of a game can leave you with mixed feelings. So here are the best game end credits sequences to help you deal with the bittersweet endings.

5 MORE Streaming Tips that nobody tells you

Our post on streaming tips last year inspired me so much, that I decided to do a part 2! If your dream is to be the next Ninja, this is the post for you!