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5 Games that Surprised Me

Some games you go into with low expectations. Many are just as bad as you imagine, but some end up surprising you! So, here are 5 games that surprised me!

My 7 Favourite Easter Eggs in games

It’s a great feeling when you stumble upon a special secret in a game. So, here are my personal 7 Favourite game Easter Eggs. Have you found any of these?

Are Game trailers Released too Early?

Teaser trailers are great, but sometimes if they are released too soon, they can backfire. So, are game trailers released too early? Let’s explore!

7 Games You Should Pick up Again

Some games grab you right from the start, but for whatever reason some don’t. So here are 7 games you should pick up again. Give these guys a second chance!

Must have Mods for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Even though it’s an older game, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion still holds up as a super fun RPG! But, here are 7 amazing mods to make it even better!

7 Games that NEED a Remake or Remaster ASAP!

Some old games out there are CRYING out for a remake! So, here is my list of 7 games that need a remaster or remake ASAP!

Game Remakes and Remasters: Harmless nostalgia, or shameless cash grabs?

Nostalgia is all the rage nowadays. With game remakes and remasters seemingly coming out every other month; are they harmless fun, or shameless cash grabs?

7 AMAZING Underrated Games

Some games seem to be everywhere and played by everyone, whilst some sadly fade into the background. So, here are 7 Underrated games not to miss out on!

9 PC Games to Play In Isolation

If you’re running out of things to do stuck at home at the moment, we have the list for you! Here are 9 Games to Play in Isolation to help pass the time!

7 Games that could be great films (or TV shows!)

Many think a decent game to film adaptation is impossible, but I say that’s not so! Here are 7 Games that could be great films (or TV shows!)