First Look: The CyberChair E500

A lot of us are working from home right now, which is great, but many of us don’t have the greatest home set up. Maybe your desk is a little too low for you, your monitors don’t sit right, and you more than likely are using a chair you borrowed from the dining room. If so, it sounds like you need a chair with all the benefits of a gaming chair, but perhaps looks a little more professional. Well then, we have the perfect chair for you! Introducing, the Thermaltake CyberChair E500. Sophisticated style and ergonomic comfort, for work and play.


The CyberChair is an ergonomic chair, utilizing high tension permeable mesh cushioning. This mesh is elastic, soft to touch and breathable, providing comfort and style. It has a sturdy aluminium frame, as well as stable feet made of aluminium alloy. Its wheels are scratch resistant, making this chair suitable for both soft and hard floors.


The CyberChair goes above and beyond in terms of adjustability. Using the easy to control levers, you can adjust everything from seat height, to tilt, seat depth and your armrests, allowing you to both move arm rests up and down, as well as any angle to ensure your armrests sit at the optimal place for you. Your backrest provides extensive back angle support, ranging from 90 degrees, all the way to 117 degrees. You can also adjust your head rest, ensuring you have optimal neck support also.


With a maximum load of 150kg and a max height of around 127cm, this chair has options to fit every user. Coming with both specifically designed ergonomic lumbar and waist support, the CyberChair has your body’s comfort covered. On top of this, installation is surprisingly easy, with only 4 easy steps, and it took us less than 10 minutes to put it all together.


So, if your dining room chair is causing you more harm than good, but a gaming chair is just not the look you want, then the CyberChair is your perfect solution. When you are sitting in a chair working for 8 hours a day, comfort and support is paramount! Combining a sophisticated look, with the ergonomic design of a gaming chair, your back will thank you while sitting in the CyberChair, and you’ll look good too.

You could also pair our CyberChair with our gorgeous and versatile Level 20 Battlestation desk! This desk allows you to sit or stand, and has an easily adjustable motor to adjust height, so no annoying levers for this desk. Plus, it looks amazing to boot!

Check out our other latest products posts here or check out our video on the CyberChair down below! You can also jump right over to you YouTube Channel here to see more videos from us!

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