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5 Favourite Thermaltake Keyboards

In the market for a new keyboard? Well, here are my personal 5 Favourite Thermaltake Keyboards to help in your quest for the best!


PC Build for UNDER $1500!?

We gave our PC builder Nick, a bit of a challenge. To give us an awesome gaming PC build, but for UNDER $1,500. Can he pull it off? Lets find out.

What are Cores?

What are CPU Cores?

The tech world is full complicated wording and it all can get quite confusing. Well, these posts aim not to be! Today we explain what CPU cores are!

How to build your first PC

How to Build your first PC

Building your first PC can be quite a daunting task, so we decided to make an easy to follow guide to building your very first PC.

First Look: ToughRAM RGB RAM

Your first look at our brand new ToughRAM!

Office Opinions: Thermaltake Gaming Products

Looking for some new gaming gear? Well, find out what awesome Thermaltake gaming products our staff use and recommend!

7 of my Favourite Thermaltake PC Cases

To celebrate the release of the new ARGB edition of the View 71 chassis, I figured I’d talk about some of my personal favourite Thermaltake Cases!

Thermaltake H200 wins APC’s Hot Product Award

Our chassis recently won the APC magazines, “Hot Product” award!

A First time PC Builders Experience

If you’re someone nervous about your first PC build, hopefully this read will set your mind at ease.

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Jeremy holding up a Water 3.0 AIO cooler

How to install an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler

In our first Thermaltake Workshop video, we’re looking at how you install an all-in-one CPU cooler. If you want more info or if you have questions, drop a comment below.