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7 Upgrades for your PC cheaper than getting a PS5

Lots of theories are surfacing about the PS5’s hefty price tag. So, here are 7 upgrades for your PC that would be cheaper than getting a PS5!

5 Cameras for Content Creation

One of the things you may need to get started on Twitch or Youtube, is a camera! So, here are 5 great cameras for content creation!

Ways to Spice Up your Setup Space

Does your PC look amazing, but your setup space is a little worse for wear? Well, here are 7 easy ways you can spice up your setup space today!

5 USB Microphones to Start you in your Content Creation Journey

Have you always wanted to get into content creation? One of the things you will need to get started is a mic! So, here is a list of 5 great USB Microphones!

Building your PC vs Buying One?

One of the first choices you make when entering the world of PCs is between building your PC vs buying one. This post break downs the pros and cons of each.

Mechanical Keyboard Switches Breakdown

Are you struggling to decide which swich is right for you? Well, this post breaks down the most popular switches on the market to help you figure that out!

A Micro-Tower Build that Won’t Break the Bank!

Nick’s back, with another PC build for us! This time, we’ve gone for a Micro-Tower build, in our stunning new Thermaltake S100 case!

Tips for Building a VR Machine

Our recently released S100 Micro case would be the perfect case for a dedicated VR build. So, here are some tips for planning out your very own VR Machine.

Tips for starting a Podcast

Since we recently started our own podcast, we thought to give some advice for those who might be looking at starting one themselves!

7 Working from Home Tips

The world is in a weird place now, with many of us working from home for the first time. So, the team got together to think of 7 working from home tips!