First Look: ToughRAM RGB RAM

Thermaltake as a company, are known for a bunch of awesome products. Maybe you’ve heard of our chassis, or our liquid cooling lineup – both custom water-loop, or a simple AIO. Overall, you know the sorts of quality products we produce, so that’s why we have decided now’s the time to introduce, our brand new ToughRAM RGB RAM kits.


They range in speeds from 3000mhz to 3600mhz. Kits come packaged in groups of two DDR4 8GB sticks. The gold finger contact points for the RAM, measures in at a total of 10 micrometers(10μ). This leads to increased durability, as well as offers higher wear resistance. Additionally, the RAM also takes full advantage of its dual sided aluminium heat spreaders, which assists with heat dissipation during both idle and extreme loads.

Our ToughRAM has produced exciting overclocking capabilities. It is also XMP 2.0 ready. Each RAM module goes through two separate rounds of quality assurance. They are first tested during the manufacturer’s assembly process. Before going to our testing facilities for a final round of testing. And with a limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that in the unlikely event of any defects or manufacturing problems, you’ll receive full comprehensive local customer service, and technical support.


And of course, in true Thermaltake style, it comes with gorgeous RGB lighting, with 10 ultrabright LEDs along the top of the memory stick. Each LED is easily addressable, allowing anyone to fully customise the colouration and lighting effects of each RAM card. This is all controlled using our very own TT RGB Plus software. This allows you to not only control the colours and lighting, but also be able to sync the RAM with other Thermaltake hardware. If you prefer to use other software, the RAM lighting can also be controlled through your motherboards’ software.

So, if you’re looking for some new RAM for your build, or want to invest in the full Thermaltake ecosystem, then check out our amazing ToughRam!

Also, check out our video on it, below!


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