First look: Riing Plus RGB fans

First look: Riing Plus RGB fans

The Riing Plus RGB fans are the latest piece of cooling tech from Thermaltake HQ. They work as case fans or radiator fans, and offer an unprecedented 16.8 million colour options to choose from.

What are the Riing plus RGB fans?

These are the latest fans from Thermaltake. They’re designed to work as either high-static pressure or as case fans – whichever you need.

They come in packs of three with a digital fan controller included in each set. Using the fan controller and software you have access to the settings in each fan and the ability to program them all as you need.

What makes them great?

These fans have been designed from the ground up to give you an amazing, premium experience. These are 120mm fans, built with 12 individual LEDs to create that amazing RGB ripple effect. They’re also totally customisable and controllable through a tailored software that we’ll look at in a minute.  They’re custom-engineered to be powerful and quiet, speeding from 500 up to 1500 RPM, but keeping noise levels around 24dBA.


Each fan has nine scooped fins, to maximise air flow and static pressure, without sounding like a jet engine. They’ve also got anti-vibration rubber pads built into each corner to reduce shake when working at high speeds – whether they working as a case fan or radiator install.  They’re sleek, premium fans that will look great in any build.

Digital controller

The new Riing Plus RGB fans come with a digital fan controller out of the box, which powers all of the attached fans, so you have less messy cords to deal with. You can connect up to five fans to any one controller, and as a first you can also daisy-chain up to 16 fan controllers together for a massive total of up to 80 fans in one system. So if you’re planning a PC build that could fly itself to the moon, there’s that option for you.

Custom software

The included software lets you control every aspect of how the fans function.

It gives you total control over the individual colour of each of the 12 LEDs, covering 16.8m colour options. You can also choose from 10 different lighting modes with different scrolling, ripple and alternating effects, as well as three modes that adapt to music and sound through the PC.

Of course you also have control over your fan speeds, as well as silent and performance modes for each individual fan. There is also a mobile app with all of these functions if you want to use that too.

How much do they cost?

At the time of writing, the Riing Plus RGB fans are available now for an RRP of AUD $129.

Where can I get some?

The Riing Plus RGB fans are currently in stock at PC stores around Australia.

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