First Look: V250 ARGB Case

Are you after a low maintenance case, that also looks sleek and sophisticated? A case that will look good not just today, but also in future, and provide you the space to upgrade your components as you want to? Well our new case, has all this and more! Introducing the Thermaltake V250 ARGB Mid-Tower case, the newest member of our V series of cases.


The Thermaltake V250 is 230mm high, 216.5mm wide and 477mm deep. This makes the case relatively compact in size, so it will fit on smaller desks and tighter spaces with ease. It has a 4mm thick tempered glass panel on the leftmost side of the case, as well as an acrylic front panel that provides the perfect way to show off the gorgeous preinstalled front fans. The side panel has 4 removable screws, allowing you easy access to all your components.

The 3 120mm ARGB fans provide high airflow, and feature 9 addressable LEDS and hydraulic bearings. The case also comes with one preinstalled 120mm standard rear fan, to ensure you have optimal airflow. You can control our ARGB fans by utilizing your motherboards software, or via the handy front button on the top I/O panel. Your I/O panel also comes with one USB 3.0 port, and 2 USB 2.0 ports.Thermaltake V250


You can fit up to an ATX sized motherboard inside, as well as a CPU cooler of up to 160mm. This case was made with All in one water cooling support in mind, hence the large amount clearance space above the motherboard. You can fit a radiator of up to 240mm at the top, or one of up to 360mm at the front (although it may be a little squishy at the bottom).

Thermaltake V250THE FEATURES

The Thermaltake V250 comes with an HDD cage for up to 2 hard drives. This cage is removable though, so if you’re finding it a bit pokey with all your cables, don’t fret! There is also 2 mounts for your SSD’s located at the back of the case. The case comes with dust filtration at the bottom, as well as a magnetic fan filter at the top, to keep out all those dust bunnies. The case also has quite high feet, allowing for optimal airflow at the base of the case as well. Lastly, it also features a handy PSU shroud to hide all your cables under, as well as some perforation above your power supply to assist in airflow.

Thermaltake V250THE CONCLUSION

So, if you want a clean, sleek looking case with tons of options for expandability, then the Thermaltake V250 is a great upgrade choice. Coming with 3 gorgeous preinstalled ARGB fans, as well as 2 stunning panels, this is a case that looks just as good as it functions.

For more information on the case, check it out HERE! Or watch our video below!

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