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Polybius: The Haunted Arcade Game

This year’s spooky game is an arcade game from the 80’s that caused hallucinations, night terrors and even amnesia! This is Polybius: The Haunted Arcade Game.

Are Game trailers Released too Early?

Teaser trailers are great, but sometimes if they are released too soon, they can backfire. So, are game trailers released too early? Let’s explore!

Game Remakes and Remasters: Harmless nostalgia, or shameless cash grabs?

Nostalgia is all the rage nowadays. With game remakes and remasters seemingly coming out every other month; are they harmless fun, or shameless cash grabs?

“Crunch” : A necessary evil, or just mismanagement?

Crunch is becoming the gaming industry’s worst kept secret. But is this practice just a standard part of this industry? Or should it be banned for good?

VR: Is it just a trend, or the future?

VR is a very hot topic, with many wondering if it is the future for gaming. This post explores the pros and cons of this divisive technology.

Failure of the Games Classification System in Australia

We got an R18+ rating in 2012, yet games in Australia are still being banned. This post explores the history of the games classification system in Australia.

Petscop: The Haunted Video Game

There are hundreds of horror games, but have you heard about the video game that turned into a horror game? Lets explore the haunted game, known as Petscop.

Are Loot boxes gambling? : An Analysis

Lootboxes are a hot topic in the gaming community, and the debate over their legality is on-going. Today we examine lootboxes and whether they are gambling.

How to build your first PC

How to Build your first PC

Building your first PC can be quite a daunting task, so we decided to make an easy to follow guide to building your very first PC.

“It’s only a game!” : Exploring Toxicity in Multiplayer Games

An essay style post, exploring the rise of toxicity in gaming.