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How to pick the best PC Case for You

One of the first things to decide when designing a build is your case! So, here are some tips to help pick the best PC case for you!

5 Games that Surprised Me

Some games you go into with low expectations. Many are just as bad as you imagine, but some end up surprising you! So, here are 5 games that surprised me!

7 Upgrades for your PC cheaper than getting a PS5

Lots of theories are surfacing about the PS5’s hefty price tag. So, here are 7 upgrades for your PC that would be cheaper than getting a PS5!

The RoundUp – August 2020

Welcome to our monthly tech/gaming news post! On the RoundUp for August 2020 we’ll update you on the games/tech industry and our latest Thermaltake news!

My 7 Favourite Easter Eggs in games

It’s a great feeling when you stumble upon a special secret in a game. So, here are my personal 7 Favourite game Easter Eggs. Have you found any of these?

5 Cameras for Content Creation

One of the things you may need to get started on Twitch or Youtube, is a camera! So, here are 5 great cameras for content creation!

Are Game trailers Released too Early?

Teaser trailers are great, but sometimes if they are released too soon, they can backfire. So, are game trailers released too early? Let’s explore!

The RoundUp – July 2020

Welcome to our monthly tech/gaming news post! On this RoundUp for July we’ll update you on the games/tech industry and all our latest Thermaltake news!

7 Games You Should Pick up Again

Some games grab you right from the start, but for whatever reason some don’t. So here are 7 games you should pick up again. Give these guys a second chance!

Ways to Spice Up your Setup Space

Does your PC look amazing, but your setup space is a little worse for wear? Well, here are 7 easy ways you can spice up your setup space today!