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7 Cool PC Accessories under $100!

Have you ever felt like your PC is missing something, but don’t know what? We’ve compiled a list of 7 Cool PC Accessories you never even knew you needed!

The RoundUp – November 2019

The RoundUp summarizes the past month in tech, gaming and Thermaltake.This RoundUp for November features: apps stealing game art, HALF-LIFE: ALYX, and more!

7 Favourite Chapters in Half-Life 2

To celebrate the 15th birthday of Half-Life 2, we thought we’d count down our 7 favourite chapters in the game, reliving a bunch of memorable moments.

Failure of the Games Classification System in Australia

We got an R18+ rating in 2012, yet games in Australia are still being banned. This post explores the history of the games classification system in Australia.

An EPIC High End Gaming PC Build

Nick’s back, with another PC build for us! This time, we’ve gone in the opposite direction. A High End PC Build, for UNDER 5K!

7 Must have Skyrim Mods

To celebrate Skyrim’s 8th birthday, here are 7 must have Skyrim Mods to provide a truly immersive experience for your next playthrough!

The RoundUp – October 2019

The RoundUp is a post summarizing the previous month in all things tech, gaming and Thermaltake.This month: Halloween updates, Death Stranding news and more!

Petscop: The Haunted Video Game

A spooky essay about a spooky video game.

7 Favourite Horror Games

This spooky season, we decided to make some scary themed posts. So lets start off by counting down some of my favourite horror games!

5 Favourite Thermaltake Keyboards

In the market for a new keyboard? Well, here are my personal 5 Favourite Thermaltake Keyboards to help in your quest for the best!