First Look: The H200 RGB Chassis

Finding the right Chassis for your new build can be quite a task. Whether its due to all the choice out there, or if its because you haven’t built a custom PC before, it can become quite overwhelming. So, if you’re someone who is looking for a case for a first time build or just want something no fuss to show of all your internals, then the mid tower H200 RGB Chassis might just be your saving grace.


This chassis is simple, sleek and sophisticated, with just a splash of RGB. While the RGB strip sadly doesn’t synch up with other RGB items, it’s still a low maintenance way to add some RGB goodness to your build. The chassis also comes in multiple colour choices as well: an elegant black option, as well as a snowy white option. The chassis also has a 4mm tempered glass hinged door panel, which is more durable and scratch resist than older acrylic panels, as well as allowing you to show off all those flashy internals. There is nothing worse than having to search around for ports and then finding out they are in the most unhelpful places, but that’s not the case here. The chassis has two USB 3.0 ports at the front as well as a microphone and headphone jack in all easy to reach and find locations.

1: Interior: showing SSD space, PSU Shroud  2: Lower Dust Filter



The chassis is of a good size, with dimensions of 416mm high, 210mm wide and 454mm length. This means the case is not too large or too small, so you have lots of space to work with. One fan comes included with the chassis itself, but it has space enough for additional fans also which will assist with airflow. There are also two handy dust filters at the top and bottom. Additionally, there is PSU shroud and cable routing channel which will help manage all those irritating cables. The chassis can support a CPU cooler with a max height of 180mm, duel VGA expansion slot of up to 320mm and power supply with lengths up to 220mm with a less than 3.5” HDD Drive installed. So, you have some solid space to work with.

Overall, for a first build or for someone just looking for something no fuss but still sleek and elegant that will easily show off your PCs internals, you can’t go past the Thermtaltake H200 RGB Chassis. With a sophisticated, simple design, this chassis can easily be the base of your first build or become the blank canvas to build the PC of your dreams, enabling you to show off all your high-tech parts with low effort installation.

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