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Hi there all you fellow epic PC gamers out there! Did you inadvertently end up spending 60% of your Witcher 3 playthrough looking at all the pretty environments? It’s okay you are not alone. Games looking and feeling as amazing as possible is very high on many of our lists of gaming priorities, so, here is our list of the top 10 games coming out in future that you might want to upgrade your PC for.



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Coming in at Number 10, we have Dying Light 2. We are expecting some pretty hefty graphics in this one, especially considering it’s 2015 predecessor still holds up today as being one of the best-looking zombie survival games out there. The game is a bigger size than the first and features a four-player cooperative multiplayer. So you really don’t want to be that guy whose PC keeps crashing mid fight. Luckily this game doesn’t have a set release date yet, releasing sometime in 2020, so you’ve got some time up your sleeve if you’re holding out for this one.


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Taking our Number 9 spot is Gearbox’s long-awaited Borderlands 3. This is a game many of us are super excited for, and considering it is coming out soon, you might want to look at getting that upgrade you have your eye on sooner rather than later, with a September 13, 2019 release date. While this game’s look is stylized so your specs might not necessarily need to be amazing, it has the potential to be incredibly beautiful, with several gorgeous looking environments already shown off in previews. Additionally, it, like its predecessors, has an open world setting and will possibly require a bit of power to load in the big areas of the map. So, you might find a more powerful rig would give you less time stuck in loading screens – which is especially helpful if your buddies are waiting around for you to load in if you’re playing co-op. Once again, don’t be that guy!


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For our Number 8, its Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Returning to the Star Wars video game universe, this game is looking like it’s going to finally wash the sour taste of the whole “Battlefront 2 thing” from our mouths. The guys who made the Titanfall games and the free to play Apex: Legends, Respawn, are at the helm for this space adventure. And considering how nice looking and running those games are with great set up, it’s not hard to imagine how amazing this game will look and feel on one as well, especially considering the recently released gameplay trailer where some scenes look straight out of a movie. If you’re going to be exploring the far out reaches of space and get fully immersed, make sure you’re ready to go come its release date November 15, 2019.


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Lucky Number 7 is the latest in the Gears of War series, Gears 5. Returning for its fifth game, the Gears of War series has always boasted very impressive graphics and smooth gameplay. This series always looked good back in the Xbox 360 days, so we can only begin to imagine how good it will look with modern technology. Also, with all the new add on’s they are packing into this game too, including a local co-op mode and a map editor, it seems this game is really going to pack a punch on your PC when it comes out on September 10, 2019.


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Just missing out on the top five by coming in at Number 6, is the new IP Control. This game looks incredibly graphically demanding, coming from Remedy, the studio that also did Quantum Break and Alan Wake, two incredibly good-looking games. On top of the realistic look of the characters and very detailed environments, your character also possesses superhuman powers, able to explode things and fly. This game would be a shame to play at lower settings, so ensure you don’t have to by August 27, 2019.


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Rolling into the Top 5, is the latest installment in one of the biggest series’ in gaming, Halo Infinite. As the sixth installment in the Halo series, the Master Chief is finally back, and this game is looking incredible. From the snippets shown in the 2018 E3 announcement trailer filmed entirely in their new engine, this game is going to look insanely beautiful on a fully kitted-out PC, and our boy Master Chief deserves the very best after all he’s been through over the years. You have lots of time to save up those pennies to ensure you’re playing this game as its best, as it’s expectant release date is the end of 2020.


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Our Number 4 is Doom Eternal. Id software always creates some of the most incredible looking environments to explore as well as being at the forefront when it comes to FPS gameplay, with 2016’s Doom probably being one of the smoothest most rewarding feeling FPS game in the last five years, and we can’t wait to see Doom Eternal play and look even better when it finally drops on November 22, 2019.


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It’s the final countdown and Number 3, is the insanely cool looking, The Outer Worlds. Helmed by Obsidian Entertainment, the makers of by far the best Fallout Game Fallout: New Vegas, comes The Outer Worlds, an open world space exploration game which looks like if Fallout, Borderlands and No Man’s Sky had a baby. The landscape design looks incredible, both exteriors and interiors, and not to mention an awesome sounding story as well.  This looks like the sort of game that an old system might suffer on, losing much of that ever-important immersion, so time’s ticking as this game releases October 25, 2019.


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Coming in just under the top mark, is the long awaited, Cyberpunk 2077. From the makers of The Witcher series, CD Projekt Red, comes Cyberpunk 2077. This game is a dark futuristic open world FPS, set in a very urban, gritty landscape called Night City, and boy, will this game look amazing when it finally drops on April 16, 2020, so luckily you have some time up your sleeve to get everything in your PC nice and ready for it.


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And we made it, the final spot! So, which game takes out our Number 1? Well, it’s a game we know next to nothing about and probably won’t for a good few years. It is the yet untitled, Elder Scrolls 6. You could say this is a cop out cos we don’t know what kind of game this will be yet. But considering how amazing you can still make Skyrim look with mods and good PC today, we can only begin to imagine how incredible this game is going to look when it finally drops. And considering it’s probably going to follow suit of all the other Elder Scrolls games and be open world, this game will be a big test on your rig. It looks like it’s at least two games off for Bethesda now though sadly, but start saving now, cos we can guarantee you, you’ll need it.



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