First Look: Commander G Series

You know what’s an important part of your PC people often overlook? Good old fashioned, Air Flow! Well, we have 3 stunning new cases for you to help with just that. Their aim is to ensure that your components get the best air cooling possible! This is the Commander G Series. Ideal cases for both gamers and enthusiasts alike, who care about air! 


The Commander G Series of cases have all the same dimensions. 441 mm high, 225 mm wide and 472 mm deep. These high air-flow cases are constructed with a specially designed mesh front panel, in three distinct styles. All three faceplates have a large perforated surface design. This helps ensure that there is no risk of bad airflow choking your components. The only real difference is your preferred look. To further assist in airflow, this case comes with a perforated PSU shroud. This ensures even your power supply runs nice and cool. 


There is a stunning 4mm tempered glass panel on the left side of the cases. This type of panel is thicker and more scratch resistant than your standard acrylic. It allows you to fully display your gorgeous components in all their RGB glory. These cases are specifically designed to offer dual GPU placement options. This means the cases can support vertical graphics card layouts, with two PCI-e slot designs. Additionally, there is an included GPU support bracket. This helps prevent scary GPU sag by reducing its weight strain on the motherboard. 

You can fit up to an ATX sized motherboard inside. You can also fit CPU cooler of up to 165mm high, and a graphics card up to 300mm in length. There are several different fan and radiator configurations that you can run in these bad boys too. Making these ideal cases for expandability. There is space for up to two 200mm fans at the front, and you can fit up to a 240mm radiator at the top.   


The case also comes with a preinstalled 200mm ARGB fan at the front. This can be controlled through your preferred motherboard software, or via the RGB switch on the I/O port. A second standard 120mm preinstalled fan is located at the rear of the case, to help aid you in your quest for peak airflow! 

With all this great airflow, sadly comes its by-product, dust! But never fear, because the Commander G Series has excellent dust filtration. There is a handy dandy magnetic fan filter located on the top of the case, and a removable dust filter at the bottom.  

Cable management is a breeze, with lots of nooks and crannies in the back of the case to keep everything looking nice and orderly. We’ve also included a sliding HDD tray so the location of your internal storage can be moved with ease. This can help with cable routing or with longer form factor power supplies. 


So, if your old case is choking you up, because it’s all choked up, then it’s time to try out one of our gorgeous, high airflow, Commander G Series cases. Three stunning designs, three exceptional cases. Check the case out HERE! Or check out our other post on the sister case to the Commander G, the H550!

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