First Look: The H550 ARGB Mid-Tower Case

Are you looking for the perfect new case to upgrade for? Want something that looks as amazing as it functions? Introducing the Thermaltake H550 ARGB Mid-Tower Case. Combining elegance, with functionality.


The Thermaltake H550 is 441 mm high, 225 mm wide and 472 mm deep. This makes this mid-tower a more compact size, meaning it will fit nicely on desks or in tighter spaces. As the newest member of our H series of cases, this case also comes with a stunning RGB light strip at the front. It also comes with one preinstalled 120mm ARGB fan in the rear of the case. Both the light strip and fan can be controlled with your preferred motherboards software. Or, also by using the handy RGB interface button located by the I/O ports on top of the case. This case also has excellent dust filtration, with a magnetic fan filter on the top and additional fan filters at the base as well, to ward of dirt, dust and any other macrobiotic materials that could bring harm to your precious machine.

Thermaltake H550 ARGB CaseTHE LOOKS

The aluminum front panel has a stunning diamond cut design, making this case look truly unique. The case also comes with a 4mm tempered glass panel on the left side. This type of panel is thicker and more scratch resistant than standard acrylic, and allows you to fully display all your gorgeous components. The tempered glass panel also slides on and off for easy access to all your components.

To make showing off in this case even easier, the case offers dual GPU placement options. This means the case can support vertical graphics card layouts, with two PCI-E slot designs. Additionally, there is an included GPU support bracket. This helps prevent scary GPU sag by reducing its weight strain on the motherboard.

Thermaltake H550 ARGB CaseTHE STATS

You can fit up to an ATX motherboard inside. As well as a CPU cooler of up to 165mm high, and a graphics card up to 300mm in length. There are several different fan and radiator configurations that you can run in this bad boy too. Furthermore, the H550 is optimized for excellent cooling capabilities, able to house two 140mm or up to three 120mm fans at the front, as well as 2 of either size on the top – so you can fine-tune your cooling setup. If you’re looking to water cool any of your components, the H550 has also got your covered. There is space for a 360mm radiator along the front, and up to a 240mm top-mounted radiator.

Cable management is easy, with lots of nooks and crannies in the back of the case to keep everything looking nice and orderly. Additionally, we’ve included a sliding HDD tray so the location of your Hard Drive can be moved with ease. This help with cable routing or with longer form factor power supplies.

Thermaltake H550 ARGB CaseTHE CONCLUSION

So, if you’re looking at your sad, old and weary case and wishing your build looked as good outside as it does on the inside, then the Thermaltake H550 might just be the perfect case for you! Coming with the gorgeous, unique flair that all our H series cases have, this case is optimal for gamers and enthusiasts alike who want that perfect blend between superb performance and outstanding looks.

If you want more information on this awesome new case, jump over to our website here! Or check out some of our previous First Look posts here!

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