First Look: The View 51 ARGB Full-Tower Case

After a case that looks sleek, and is great for water cooling? Or perhaps you’re a content creator that needs a PC to support the demanding nature of streaming, recording and editing? If this is the case, then we have the case for you. Introducing the new View 51 ARGB full-tower case; the newest in our View series of cases.


The View 51 is 550mm High, 315mm Wide and 525mm Deep. It is available in both Black, and a snowy white edition, so it can suit whatever colour scheme you’re going for. This full tower case comes with 2 pre-installed 200mm ARGB fans at the front, and one 120mm fan at the back, ensuring you have excellent airflow from the get-go! You can control your fans by using the RGB button on the I/O panel, or through your chosen motherboard software. The I/O panel also comes with a type C port, and an extremely eye-catching power button! The case has 3 sides that feature 4mm thick tempered glass panels, so you can show off your stunning build with ease. The leftmost panel has a hinged door, allowing you to easily access all your components.


You can fit up to an E-ATX motherboard inside, as well as a CPU cooler with a max height of 175mm. Your PSU sits vertically in the rear of the case, with a max length of 200mm. Lastly, you can fit a graphics card of up to 440mm without a pump, and 300mm with a pump. This case has a modular design, with modular panels, rackets, brackets and pre-design mounting arrays. This makes building inside the View 51 a breeze and is an optimal case for complex water-cooled builds – even fitting a Distro plate with ease! The case also allows for vertical GPU mounting, with duel PCI-e slot designs and a riser GPU support bracket to prevent graphics card from sagging. 


The View 51 has tons of cable management options in the back of the case, so there is no excuse for messy cables here! Additionally, there is two magnetic fan filters on the right side of the case, as well as a removable filter at the bottom. There is also a vertical mount at the rear of your case for your hard drives. This allows for you to swap out your storage with ease, making it an incredibly convenient case for a workstation or archiving setup. The case also has quite high feet, meaning there is a lot of space beneath the case for additional airflow access.


So, if your current workstation PC is looking sad, and struggling under the pressure of big resource heavy programs, then this case is the perfect way to upgrade! Whether it’s getting more space for beefier components, or wanting to create a beautiful custom water loop, The View 51 has got you covered! Check the case out HERE for more info! Or check out our other First Look posts HERE!

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  1. Lucas says:

    Hi I have a view 51 snow, my question is what distro plates are compatible with it and are there plans on making a dedicated distro plate for it (like the ekwb Lian li O-11)?

    1. Thermaltake says:

      Hey Lucas! Thanks for checking out the blog!

      I spoke with Nick our PC builder about your question and here was his response. The only Distro plate of ours that will fit is the Pacific DP100-D5 Plus, but in Nick’s opinion that’s more of a fancy reservoir than a Distro plate. That being said, if the Pacific DP100-D5 Plus is what you had in mind, then it should be perfect for you!
      He also mentioned there could be some Bykski Distro plates that may fit, but they usually come with after market pumps which Nick really doesn’t recommend.

      I hope that helps a little bit! Feel free to reply with any further questions and I’ll see what I can do to help!
      All the best,

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