11 Best Game End Credits Sequences

When you reach the end of a game, it can be a bittersweet feeling. Part of you is proud for getting all the way to the end, but the other is sad to see the game is over. But to aid you through these mixed emotions, some games supply you with a killer credits sequence! So, if you’re almost finished a game that happens to be on this list, never fear, because the credits coming up will make it all alright again! Here are my picks for the 11 best game end credits sequences!

(*SPOILER WARNING! We are talking about credits and sometimes the sequences leading up to them, so there will be SPOILERS for some of the games on this list*)

11. Undertale

Just like everything Undertale does, this credit sequence is nothing short of amazing. Additionally, due to the multiple endings of the game, there is actually a few different credits you can get. The standard credits are honestly still fun and impressive, showcasing the iconic pixel art and 8-bit music that the game is now synonymous with. In the “true pacifist” end credits however, you can interact with the credits during a section to unlock some additional game content. After experiencing the amazing game that is Undertale, it is nice to know that the credits are equally as deserving of praise.

10. Okami

This game is just stunning from start to finish, and that includes its captivating end credits sequence. Not only is the music incredibly beautiful, the accompanying animated artwork is mesmerizing. Additionally, the credits also showcase pivotal moments from the game, adding to the feels of finishing such a wonderful experience.

9. The Last of Us

OK, so I formally apologize for a console exclusive game being on the list, but I just can’t leave this off! The ENDING of this game is so powerful, with that lingering shot of Ellie’s face, then BOOM credits! And then the credit SONG! Gustavo Santaolalla’s score in The Last of Us has to be without a doubt, one of the most perfect game scores of all time. And after that gripping conclusion, to then launch into his incredible music after such a heart wrenching game, just perfectly concludes the story.

8. Psychonauts

Maybe it’s more the nostalgia, but these credits have always stuck with me. I’m not sure if it’s just the whacky music, or the fun photos of all the characters, but I just always smile all the way through these credits. It’s just one of those credits that are fun and fit perfectly with the game. Side note: If you haven’t played this underrated gem of a game yet too, you really should!

7. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

This is more like the ending than the credits, but still counts. After finishing the second DLC to the masterpiece that is The Witcher 3, you end up hanging out with your old pal Regis talking about old times. Regis then declares that it’s time for the pair of them to a have a rest and I KID YOU NOT, Geralt looks directly into your soul, down the barrel of the camera and agrees while flashing you a very smooth smile. I remember audibly screaming when this happened during my first play through and had to lay down for a while afterwards. While this is technically not the credits it’s basically the ending scene of the DLC and by association the game as it can still be played after this and doesn’t ever roll the credits at all during the game play. Regardless, this ending has always stuck with me to this day so that’s why it still made the list.

6. Grand Theft Auto 5

For the 3 of us who actually played the GTA5 campaign, you’d know there are 3 different end credit sequences. But, for this list we are only including the ONE sequence that matters, Option C. In this option, Franklin teams up with Michael and Trevor to bring down all the people who want them killed. The option, aptly titled “Death Wish” is by far the best option and provides a great ending, leading into a funky track that leaves you all warm and fuzzy inside. Something you probably wouldn’t assume you’d experience after playing a GTA game. If you STILL haven’t given the GTA campaign a go, it’s worth it just for this ending!

5. Super Mario World

Now this isn’t the first time I will admit this, I’m not the biggest Nintendo fan. I didn’t really grow up with it, and while this is also predominately a PC blog, I can’t deny the glorious end credits to this classic game. If a predominately non-Nintendo player knows the end credits track, then you know the credits are top notch. Not only is the music iconic, but the entire sequence of animations are so sweet. It also makes an effort to shout out every character you meet throughout your journey, and as I’ve mentioned before, any game credits that do this just add to the feels so much for me.

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I’m sorry OK, but I had to put this on there. Not ONLY is the end credits song composed by Hans freaking Zimmer, but it’s just really cool! After you one shot K.O. that backstabbing Shepherd, the game leaves you on quite the cliffhanger, before launching into the score and the incredibly creative credits. In the sequence, the characters from the game are in a Museum (think Night at the Museum style) and it shows them standing in front of backgrounds of various missions from the game. It’s once again, another “right in the feels” credits sequence, and works well to end a phenomenal campaign.

 3. Portal 2

Valve has a pretty strong track record of amazing end credits, and the only reason Half Life 2 isn’t on this list is because it’s far too short in my opinion. Portal 2 however, has an insanely good end credits sequence, which is well worth sticking around for. In a similar vein to its predecessor, Portal 2 ends with a wonderful song sequence sung once again by GLaDOS. “Want you Gone”, is super catchy and you will be humming it long after the credits are finished. We can only hope Valve eventually brings out a Portal 3 for another amazing GLaDOS song. But since Valve can’t seem to count to three, I’m not holding my breath…. BOOM, roasted!

2. Doom (2016)

Some might wonder why this game is so high on my list, and it’s mainly because I have re-watched it more than a dozen times! I’ve only finished the game once. I’ve voluntarily gone online and hunted this sequence down multiple times because it’s that good! Not only does the soundtrack by fellow Australian Mick Gordan absolutely go OFF in the credits, but the animation is great. As I’ve mentioned, I have a predisposition for credits that revisit moments from the game, and Doom is no exception, showcasing all the enemies you’ve faced. Additionally, all the staff being credited throughout, actually line up with the visual being shown. For example, when the big bosses of the company are credited, one of the main big bosses of the game is shown. This continues throughout, and the final shotgun blast from the Doom Guy to the finishing beat from Gordon just brings this epic game to a just an epic conclusion.

1. Portal

What could beat Doom and Portal 2? Well, the game that really started my end credits obsession in the first place, Portal. “Still Alive” has to be without a doubt one of the best end credits songs in existence. Not to mention probably just the best game song period! There are people out there that don’t even know Portal who know the song and will hum along with the tune, entirely unaware of what the song is about. This game is easily one of the best end game credits sequences of all time, and always remember, the cake is a lie!

So, those were my picks for the best game end credits sequences. What are yours?

Let me know in the comments section down below. Also, feel free to check out some other list posts here!


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