7 Games that NEED a Remake or Remaster ASAP!

It seems like every month a new remake or remaster gets announced, and it truly breaks my heart every time it’s not one of the following games! Some old games are positively CRYING out for a remake or remaster. So, here is my personal list of 7 games that need a remaster or remake ASAP!

7. Mafia

This is one of my favourite games from back in the day. It’s basically GTA but with the Mafia! The map design is gorgeous and even has a giant countryside section you can access in a few levels. The city itself is pretty much open world, and you can drive wherever you like. Despite its age, the world seems very alive. There is even a fully working train that you can take to get around town! On top of this, the story of Tommy and all his Mafia buddies is genuinely engaging and very memorable. The main thing holding this game back for newer players is just how dated it looks. With a graphical overhaul, this game could truly shine again!

And it looks like it might!

With the announcement recently that a remaster will be coming out THIS August 2020! Do yourself a favour, and check it out when it releases – I promise it’s worth it!

source: GOG

6. The Harry Potter Games

The Harry Potter Games of the early 2000’s were pretty iconic. The first 3 games based on the movies were actually pretty decent, as well as some of the spin off games such a Harry Potter Quidditch. There have been rumours for a while of an upcoming Harry Potter RPG, so what better time than now to remaster some of the Harry Potter PC games of old while everyone is high on Potter Mania again! I would especially love to see The Prisoner of Azkaban, as it was the first game to really offer an open world Hogwarts. Hell, the game even had a secret underground trading card system run by Fred and George, what’s not to like!

source: Pinterest

5. GTA: Vice City

One of the most underrated GTA games, and in my opinion, the most deserving of a remaster. Everything about this game is just iconic, from the cars, to the radio to the beautiful Vice City itself! If Los Santos is any indication, Vice City could definitely look breathtaking with an upgrade. The missions in this game are just as wacky and all over the place as in GTA:V, and it has a ton of memorable characters and locations. And seeing as there won’t be a new installment in the GTA series for up to 5 years, a remaster would be nice to tide us over for a while longer.

source: ZenGTA YouTube

4. Dragon Age: Origins

It breaks my heart a little every time someone says, “Just get through Origins, cos Inquisition is much better”. While that isn’t entirely wrong in some areas, Origins definitely has its strengths and is worth playing! This is why I think a remaster of the first game would be incredibly beneficial. Really all the game needs is a graphical update and maybe a slight tweak to the combat, and then less people with turn their noses up at it. This is by far the strongest game in the Dragon Age series, with compelling characters and relationships, and a truly epic story. It’s just a pity the outdated graphics and game play turn so many people away. This game is truly crying out for a remaster!

Dragon Age Origins
source: GamesRadar

3. Battlefield Vietnam

Remaking older FPS games seems to be all the rage right now. With main rival Call of Duty rebooting and remaking a bunch of their Modern Warfare games, it totally makes sense for Battlefield to do the same. So, why not start with the best one in the series! This might just be my personal preference, but damn if this isn’t the best Battlefield game of all time! It has awesome map design, great weapons and vehicles. But most of all, THAT ICONIC SOUND TRACK! This game was such a blast and very underrated, so it’s very much deserving of another shot in the spotlight.

source: Origin Twitter

2. The Witcher

The Witcher 3 is wildly considered one of the best RPGs of all time. So, it makes sense some people might want to start with the first game to understand the next ones. Only problem is, The Witcher is a very clunky game with dated graphics and game play. Many people who attempt the first Witcher game really struggle. This means many players are turned off, or have to overload it with mods to get through it. With the recent success of The Witcher on Netflix, it makes sense with all the hype to remaster the first game in the series to catch all those newcomers. This game still has a great story, and sets up a lot of the characters we grow to spend a lot of time with in the next Witcher games. What with Cyberpunk 2077 coming out soon though, I suppose CD Project don’t want anything taking the attention away from their new shiny game. But as they have teased returning to the “Witcherverse” in some way in future, fingers crossed in the next few years we can finally play this game vanilla again.

source: TechRadar

1. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

When I first got into Dragon Age, the very next thing I was told to play was Knights of the Old Republic. This game combines the game play style and amazing characters Bioware creates, with the vast, rich world of Star Wars. It’s no wonder this is widely considered to be one of the best Star Wars games. This game definitely could do with a graphical overhaul, as well as perhaps some game play updates to make it less clunky. But other than that, the story and characters are amazing. This game deserves to be up there with the greats like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, and a good makeover might just be the thing to get it there.

source: Consequence of Sound
So, there’s my list of 7 games that need a remaster or remake! Is there any other games you would add to this list? Comment them below!
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  1. John says:

    Hellyeah, Witcher, Harry Potter (completly ruined by EA greedy besterds which converted the saga into the worst games in history almost), Mafia. Good list.

    1. Thermaltake says:

      Hey John! We’re really glad you enjoyed the post! I completely agree with you about Harry Potter, such a shame. Hopefully the rumored Harry Potter RPG game will be good whenever that finally releases! Thanks for checking out the blog! 🙂

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