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List style posts, where we usually count down or up to something.

New to PC Tips

5 Tips for people who are new to PC gaming

Coming from console to PC gaming can be a challenge, but never fear! We’ve compiled 5 handy tips to aid in your transition to the PC master race!

7 Amazing but Cancelled Games

Sometimes amazing games just don’t get made for one reason or another. So, to honour these fallen games, here are 7 amazing but cancelled games.

11 Favourite Single Player Narratives

There have been some amazing single player games released over the years. So here is a list of single player games that have film worthy narratives.

7 Favourite Multiplayer Games (as a Single Player Gamer)

While multiplayer games aren’t my go-to, they are a big part of the gaming world, so I figured I’d try to count down some of my personal favourites.

11 Favourite DOS Games

If you are old enough to have enjoyed all the wonders that were DOS games, then this countdown is for you!

Office Opinions: Thermaltake Gaming Products

Looking for some new gaming gear? Well, find out what awesome Thermaltake gaming products our staff use and recommend!

7 of my Favourite Thermaltake PC Cases

To celebrate the release of the new ARGB edition of the View 71 chassis, I figured I’d talk about some of my personal favourite Thermaltake Cases!

10 Nostalgic Games

It’s all about nostalgia nowadays, so I thought I’d talk about some of my favourite games growing up. If you don’t know these games, I am not mad, just very disappointed.

10 Games to Upgrade For

PC getting a little on in years? Well, here’s some games coming out soon that might benefit from a PC upgrade!

Deconstructed PC close-up

Three easy PC upgrades for 2017

Looking to upgrade your PC this year? Here are a few quick and easy ideas to get the most out of your hardware.