7 Games You Should Pick up Again

Some games hook you from the get go! 80 hours later, you’re still playing, searching for every collectable and doing any side quest you can find. But in contrast, some sadly, just don’t. BUT some games do deserve a second chance! Here is a list of 7 games you should pick up again if you gave up on them.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

A lot of people complained about the difficulty of this game upon release, as well as the strange save system. But since then, the game has evolved and is honestly well worth picking up again. The weird save system is still in place, but the savior schnapps are far easier to find and afford now than they were originally. Another thing that I feel turned people off this game is how slow it is to start, and how under powered you are when you begin. But after trudging through that, the game really opens up and there is so much more to do now than before! There are even DLCs out now, one of which even lets you build and run your own town! If you love medieval RPG’s, it’s a game well worth giving a second chance to (once you get past the first few painful hours that is).

source: Only Single Player

Stardew Valley

I’ve recommended this game to 2 people before, and both have had the exact same experience. They started it… and HATED it. But I kept telling them to persist, and now they’ve clocked about 50 hours in it respectively. This game does have a slow start, admittedly, and a bit of a learning curve. You basically get thrown into the game with very little direction. You essentially have to work everything out on your own (or with the help of the Stardew Wikia). But once you get past the first few in-game days of Stardew Valley, you can finally start to see the appeal. It’s one of those games that does take a bit of a while to get into, but once you’re in, you’re really in!

source: Polygon

Dragon Age: Origins

I have sort of touched on this one before, but to me the biggest hurdle with this game today is the graphics and the game play. This leads many people to just jump straight to the later games like Inquisition. If this was you, then I beseech you to try Origins again. Yes, the game doesn’t look amazing. And yes, the game play can be painful, especially at the beginning. But this game’s story and characters are well worth pushing through those things for. There are also countless mods etc. out there can be easily be installed to make the game run a bit better. Just give it until you reach Redcliffe village, then at least you’ve given it a go! If you don’t fall in love with the story, the world, and characters like Alistair, Morrigan and Leliana by then, then Maker help you.

Dragon Age OriginsNo Man’s Sky

Controversial pick, I know, but hear me out. Was this game one of the biggest mistakes in gaming history? Yes. Did it colossally disappoint millions of people? Yes. Should it have been delayed by about 2 years? ABSOLUTELY! And it’s for the last reason in particular people need to give it a second try. Since the game’s release there have been tons of updates, and the world of No Man’s Sky has slowly been growing over the years. It looks far more like the world it had promised us initially now, unlike the vast emptiness we were given at launch. If you can find it in your heart to forgive No Man’s Sky for it’s shaky start, then it’s well worth a replay.

source: No Man’s Sky


French developer Spiders created a really cool, unique RPG in it’s 2019 release Greedfall. The main issues people had with this game was the lack of filling out areas, such as wide-open empty spaces and dead towns. While, these are still sort of exist, the story itself is well worth pushing through this. The characters are also all great, and filling up your roster and getting to know them all is a great incentive to try this game again. If you’re like me and you gave up about halfway through, I think it’s time you gave this game a second chance. Remember, it’s not a Triple A game after all, but it’s the closest we’ll get to Dragon Age 4 for a while, so cut it some slack.

source: Mccftech

We Happy Few

This game’s art style alone sold me when it was first announced. That being said, I remember feeling like this game got a little stale fast. Which was a shame, as there is much about it to love. This game’s biggest appeal in my eyes is the gorgeous art style, and the story. This Orwellian story finds you in a world where moods can be changed with a pill, and if you aren’t perceived as being “Happy”, then you’re cast out from society. On top of this, additional content in the form of DLC’s have been released also since the game’s initial launch, so there’s even more content now than before. On top of this, there is an arcade mode with a variety of cool, fun game modes. So, don’t be a Downer, grab your Joy and jump back into this game!

source: GOG

Rainbow Six Siege

I was working in a game store when this game first came out, and I had very low expectations for it sadly. After all, the other Tom Clancy game out at the time The Division was doubling it in sales. Pity The Division ended up being a bit of a flop. Queue, Rainbow Six Siege having the comeback of the CENTURY and ending up becoming the far superior game. This game has been well supported by the developers, and even 5 years after it’s release it’s still going strong. If you like the idea of the search and destroy game mode of Call of Duty, combined with the ability to pick classes like in Apex Legends, then this might be worth picking up again.


So, there are 7 games you should pick up again!

Are there any other games out there that deserve a second chance? Comment them below!

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