My 7 Favourite Easter Eggs in games

There is no greater feeling than stumbling upon something that developers have added into their game under the radar. These are usually called “Easter Eggs”, and there are there some amazing ones out there. So, I wanted to share some of my personal favourite Game Easter Eggs that I have stumbled upon over the years. If you haven’t found these yet yourself, you are welcome!

Finding Raz from Psychonauts in Alice: Madness Returns

My jaw dropped when I stumbled upon this playing Alice: Madness Returns for the first time. You might know by now that American McGee’s Alice has an important place in my heart, and as does Psychonauts. These games are 2 underrated gems of my childhood, so no wonder I lost my freaking MIND when I saw Raz in Alice: Madness Returns. You can find our little psychic prodigy when you arrive in Level 4, Queensland. After shrinking down through a keyhole and jumping down a hole in the ground, perched upon a fancy looking seat, is Raz. He is looking a bit skeletal and he doesn’t move or speak, however with his iconic hat and googles, it’s without a doubt Raz!

source: Steam

The Stardew Valley Menu Screen

Did you know that if you click on certain parts of the Stardew Valley menu screen, things happen! I sunk 229 hours into this game, and only recently found this out! The first one I found is if you rapidly press on the letter “E” in Stardew, a little alien will pop out. Additionally, if you click rapidly on the leaves hanging of the letters, little Junimos will pop out of them. There is even more of them too! I don’t know why, but this totally blew my mind when I discovered it. Nobody really thinks to look for Easter Eggs in menu screens. But of course, that is what makes it the perfect place to hide some!

source: Evanz111 (YouTube)

The Witcher vs. the Cow Monster

When I first heard about this, I genuinely thought this was a joke. But nope, this is really a thing! Now while some could argue it’s not an Easter Egg, I do! Because to me, the last thing I’d expect after killing a bunch of cows, is a giant COW MONSTER seeking revenge! This was patched into the game after players found an exploit, allowing them to get tons of crowns by killing cows, looting their hides, and then waiting for them to re-spawn. Now, if you kill too many cows in White Orchard, a giant high level ‘Chort’ monster will come after you to ensure you leave the re-spawning cows alone! This by far is one of my favorite ways developers have dealt with people exploiting features in their game, and to me, counts as a pretty unexpected Easter Egg.

source: Gamespot

The “Rattmann” in Portal

Throughout both Portal 1 and 2, you may come across some of these mysterious messages. You will usually find an array of scribbled math notes and drawings all over the walls, often seeming very nonsensical. There is no real direct mention of them in the plot, and you usually just stumble upon them during your travels. These are the notes of the “Rattmann”, an Aperture Science employee who was seemingly the only person to survive the neurotoxin GLaDOS flooded the facility with. Sadly, you never really find out what happens to the Rattmann, but we do hope he’s OK! For now, we’ll just keep reading his messages and trying to figure out what the heck he’s on about!

source: Center for Games and Impact

Wolfenstein: The New Order’s ‘Nightmare!’ mode

As a fan of Wolfenstein 3D, and it’s 2014 reboot, I geeked out when I discovered this Easter Egg. When you’re chilling out at the Kreisau Circle base, head all the way upstairs and you should find a little mattress. Take a sleep on it and before you know it, you’re back in the world of Wolfenstein: 3D! When modern day B.J wakes up after completing or leaving the mini game, he actually comments on it too! This is a super immersive way to add a special throwback Easter Egg, and is a great trip down memory lane for all of us O.G Wolfenstein Fans. This Easter Egg is then repeated in both The Old Blood and The New Colossus, in the later of which you can actually play the entire original game.

Game Easter Eggs
source: Gamespot

The Witcher 2

This is the second Witcher game on this list, and for good reason! This Easter Egg, while subtle, is a great little find. It features a little cameo appearance from none other than Altaïr from Assassin’s Creed. While helping out at the La Valette’s castle in the prologue, if you wander around long enough you can find a dead body lying in a pile of hay. The body is wearing the very iconic white assassin’s uniform. It basically reads like our assassin here had a rough landing after doing their signature “leap of faith”. Geralt also makes a funny quip about it, and you actually unlock a secret ability giving you +25% damage when attacking an enemy from behind.

Game Easter Eggs
source: Jump Jump Die Gaming (YouTube)

The Arkham City Map in Batman Arkham Asylum

If you still haven’t played the Rocksteady Batman games, PLEASE do yourself a favor and check them out! On top of being amazing, there are some incredible Easter Eggs in these games. My personal favorite is when they teased the second game, Arkham City. This isn’t an easy Easter Egg to find, so you basically just have to know it’s there. Head to the Warden’s Office area in the Arkham Mansion and place 3 lots of explosive gel on the wall immediately to your left. Then detonate the wall to find a whole secret area of the Warden’s office. Inside this room you will actually find an entire map of the Arkham City, the very same map that would eventually be used in the game. Easter Eggs like this are great ways to tease future games, and I think the use of it in Arkham Asylum is perfect. Time to do another replay now, I think!

Game Easter Eggs
source: Rooster Teeth (YouTube)

So, there were 7 of my personal Game Easter Eggs! Are there any that you love that I didn’t include? Feel free to comment them below!

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