5 Games that Surprised Me

I won’t lie, with some games I can be a bit of a naysayer. I hear a few bad things, and I end up going into a game with very low expectations. While some of the time my low expectations are on point, occasionally, I am proven wrong by the game in question. So, here are 5 games that surprised me, and I ended up enjoying immensely!

Detroit: Become Human

In theory, this game is right up my alley, and yet it didn’t interest me at first. For starters, it was Play Station exclusive for a long time, so that wasn’t all that appealing to me. Also, I had heard mixed things about the story being underwhelming, and as a big story gamer, that was a big no for me. But since it was ported to PC this past June, I finally gave the game a go. And BOY was I wrong! The world, the characters and even the story was SUCH a great ride. While I didn’t love the quick time events at times, it didn’t detract from my enjoyment as much as I thought it would. Overall, this game left me pleasantly surprised. And with a very branching story line, it’s a game worth replaying at least a few times to see all the different endings.

Apex: Legends

So, I’m going to admit it, I really don’t care for Battle Royale games. I played Fortnite back when it very first came out, and after about two months I never touched it again. Every Battle Royale that has come out since has followed in a similar experience for me. Tried it once or twice, never touched it again. But Apex: Legends is the only outlier. I am actually happy to admit I quite enjoy Respawn’s take on the battle royale genre, much to my surprise. I think part of it comes down to the fluid gun play and movement, but mainly it’s the legends themselves. The different legends abilities truly adds another dimension to this game that other battle royales don’t have. As an ex-Overwatch player, this is a big appeal to me. It means I can help my team, even if I don’t manage to kill a single enemy. To me, Apex: Legends is by far the most accessible of the Battle Royale games, as it has the lowest barrier to entry, which makes it my personal favourite.

Doki Doki Literature Club

If you only look at this game from a surface level, it comes across as being just another anime dating simulator. But this game is so much more than that (and so much creepier!). The first clue to this game’s true nature lies in the fact it’s categorized in the “psychological horror” section! The second is the warning at the very beginning of the game, outlining that the game has dark themes in it. But then from then onward, the game just seems like a normal dating simulator, until it very quickly isn’t. I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t seen much yourself, but this game truly takes you on a twisted journey, that’s for sure! Just like Detroit, it’s also a game worth playing multiple times, as there are actually different endings you can get. It’s also free, so if you can handle it, it’s well worth a play!

games that surprised meRimworld

Going into this game I had pretty low expectations. I don’t tend to love managing type games where you are looking down on a bunch of pixels and pressing buttons, but Rimworld actually piqued my interest. Before I knew it, I was really caring for my little colony members, and it was actually quite devastating when my entire group died from a tragic fire. It’s also surprisingly addictive. I spent hours looking after my little colonists, and you really get attached to them after a while. These sorts of games can appear sort of dull if they aren’t your thing, but Rimworld is one of the few of these games that have really kept my interest still, even hundreds of hours in.

games that surprised meSOMA

This was my very first game from Frictional Games, and while a lot of people hated it, I found it an emotional roller coaster. I didn’t love the look and feel of Amnesia: The Dark Decent, and I really only played SOMA at the time due to it being Spooky Season, but I actually surprisingly enjoyed it. It does feel very similar to Amnesia of course, but the UI and movement feels far less clunky. On top of that, the story is actually really interesting, and not just told by notes like the older games are. And that ENDING! This game has to have, without a doubt, one of the most bittersweet endings I’ve ever experienced. So, if there is one reason to play this game, the story itself is honestly worth it.

games that surprised meSo, there were 5 games that surprised me, and I ended up actually enjoying! Have you ever experienced this with any games? If so, comment the game below!

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