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If you have listened to our podcast, Thermal Talk, you might know already that I’m not a huge fan of console exclusives. There’s nothing worse than seeing a gorgeous, exciting new game on the horizon, only to find out it’s exclusive to a console. So, here are 5 console games I wish would come to PC, what are currently still console exclusive.

The Last of Us

Sadly, Naughty Games will probably never see the light of day on PC, but we can dream. The first thing I remember thinking when I booted up The Last of Us on PS4 was how good it would look and feel on PC. I have always found Naughty Dog’s game play in particular quite grading with the PlayStation Controller, and the switch to PC might actually encourage me to play it again! I just feel like this game looks so amazing on PlayStation, that it’s a shame we will never see how much better it could look (and play) on PC.

source: Inverse

Until Dawn

At first I felt this game couldn’t work ported to PC, but after playing through Detroit: Become Human, I think a port would work beautifully. I’ve still never played this game due to it being on the PlayStation, however it looks stunning and the story is really interesting to me. Only reason I haven’t played it, is purely because it’s not on PC. This game could look so stunning and play still pretty well on PC, with quick time events still translating to the mouse and keyboard pretty nicely. It has been 5 years since this game came out, so a port might sadly be out of the question now, but I still hold out hope for this spooky story to make it to the PC master race.

source: PlayStation

God of War

This game won awards galore when it came out and many people who have played it sing of its amazing quality. But sadly the game hasn’t made it to PC yet. This game looks amazing, plays amazing and has an amazing story. But far less amazing is its exclusivity to the PlayStation. Considering the massive success of this game a port to PC makes complete sense and with the success of similar game, Horizon: Zero Dawn porting to PC, perhaps a port might be on the horizon soon (no pun intended). Fingers crossed!

source: GamesRadar


I’m going to begin this by saying a PC port to this will never happen. Sony is very protective over their boy Spider-Man, and considering how they wouldn’t even let Spidey appear on the PC version of Marvel’s Avengers, his own game isn’t going anywhere off the PlayStation soon. But IMAGINE if it could! Just for starters, think of the crazy mods that modders could create for this game on PC! I don’t really think porting to PC would add too much to this game, however it would just be worlds of fun if by some magical reason it did get a port. We can always live in hope I guess.

source: GamesRadar

Ghost of Tsushima

Out of all of the games on this list, I have a feeling this is the game most likely to eventually get ported. If you need one reason for this game moving to PC, I suggest you just image search some of the gorgeous landscapes in this game. It makes the Witcher 3 look like it was drawn with crayon. The game looks incredible, plays incredible and would truly benefit from the extra power that a PC can provide over a console. Since it only came out this year, it will probably stay console exclusive for at least a few more years, but if it does eventually port, it will without a doubt be one of the prettiest PC ports you will ever see!

source: EssentiallySports

So, there were 5 console games I wish would come to PC. Are there any console exclusive games you are hoping to get the port to PC treatment one day? Comment them below!

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