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It’s been a little while since my last mod list post, so I thought it was time again to help out my fellow lazy modders out there. This time, it’s for one of my favourite games of all time, Rimworld. So, you know the drill by now. Here is a list of my favourite mods for Rimworld.

1. Vanilla Expanded Framework

This is one of those mods that is worth its weight in gold. For any of the other Vanilla based mod titles, this is essentially required to run them. It basically performs like its own little mod manager, ensuring the best performance across your mods. Overall, this should without a doubt be one of the first mods you install on your Rimworld game, you’ll thank me later.

2. Wall Light

As much as I love not having to use torches once I get electricity, the standing lamps do grind my gears. They take up an entire space on the ground in some instances where space isn’t as plentiful, it can honestly get rather annoying. So, get yourself some wall lights with this mod. They basically function the exactly same was as standing lamps, however no longer take up a space on the ground. This makes them perfect for freezers or tight areas. Do be warned though, if you remove the wall they are attached to, you will lose the light itself and some materials.

3. Vanilla Furniture Expanded

We all know that I am a bit of a decorating fiend. I mean, the only mod I ever installed for Minecraft was Decocraft and that’s because I wanted a nice-looking kitchen in my base. The more I can make other games like The Sims the better, which is why this is a no-brainer mod for me. It’s pretty simple in concept, just adds a bunch of new furniture to the game. But I mean, who doesn’t want five types of almost identical looking beds? I know I do!

4. Interaction Bubbles

Ever wondered what your pawns are actually saying to one another in their every day lives? Well, grab this mod to find out! It basically does what the name suggests, creates a small interaction bubble above the heads of pawns when they talk to one another. You can also find this out by navigating to their social tab, but I constantly forget about that so its nice to have a little live play-by-play of their conversations. And honestly, some of them crack me up so it’s worth the install.

5. Run and Gun

Combat has to be without a doubt one of my least favourite parts of Rimworld. It is for that reason I look to mods to make it as less painful as possible, and this is the mod that really does it. I play a lot of naked brutality, and the amount of playthroughs I’ve done that were cut short because my pawn could not land a shot before having to flee from their attacker drove me up the wall. The solution, grab this mod, which allows pawns to shoot while running. Is it cheating? Yeah kinda. Do I care? Nope.

6. Vanilla Factions Expanded

If there just isn’t enough enemies for you to fight, then you might want to look at grabbing this mod. It adds a bunch of new factions to your world, giving you new enemies to fight and new allies to trade with. There is also a huge variety of different sub types of this mod. This includes Viking based factions, more insectoid type factions, ancient style factions and even more. This just helps add a sprinkling of variety to your interactions, and if you’d played vanilla Rimworld to death, it is easy to get over the same people vising your colony over and over again. So, never get sick of them again, with these mods!

7. Pick-up and Haul

Let’s be honest, the hauling system in Rimworld does leave a bit to be desired. I mean, I don’t know about you but I just love getting my pawns to harvest something and then looking for it ten minutes later only to realise they just left it on the ground half way across the map. This mod overhauls the hauling system and makes it far more efficient. Pawns can now haul multiple things before popping them in their inventory, instead of physically carrying basically one type of item at a time. They will then unload said inventory at random intervals or when their inventory is full. What an absolute game changer! Rimworld can get pretty hectic, so knowing your pawns aren’t leaving 80% of the herbal medicine you have them harvest out in the middle nowhere is a nice quality of life improvement.

8. CM Color Coded Mood Bar

There is a lot going on in Rimworld. And sometimes, it makes it difficult to remember to check in on your pawns and make sure they are happy. Then, next thing you know, Capalbo is breaking things because you didn’t realize she was five minutes away from a mental break. This was of course because your crops suddenly had a blight and you were more concerned dealing with the entire food supply going down the toilet, than the fact that Capalbo ate her dinner without a table and was a bit sad about it. The Color-Coded Mood bar helps you keep on top of your colonists’ moods without having to be neck deep in their mood panel every five minutes. A cursory glance to your pawns up the top of the screen can give you a quick indication as to how they are feeling, stopping any potential mental breaks dead in their tracks.

9. Realistic Rooms

One element of Rimworld that does somewhat bother me is how large rooms have to be to be. For example, kitchens need to be bloody huge to be considered anything other than “rather tight”. Also, perhaps something smaller is just the particular colony aesthetic you are going for. Well, this mod removes the somewhat over demanding room sizes and just brings the requirement for a good-sized room just that little bit smaller. When I’m playing with a solo colonist, it just doesn’t make sense to make my base occupy three quarters of the map, so this mod comes in clutch.

10. Hospitality

Does anyone else feel bad when the visitors to your colony just stand outside in the dirt all night? Well, worry about that no longer! This mod adds far more hospitable options your game, allowing you to make guest bedrooms and even convince your visitors to join your colony if you wish. Guests who are having a good time will even help you out with chores around the base. I mean if that doesn’t sell you on this mod, I don’t now what will! Overall, the guest system in vanilla does leave a little to be desired, especially when they don’t even have anything to sell. So, this mod just brings it up a notch and makes those two guys standing awkwardly outside your base for three days eating pemmican, seem just a little but more useful.

So, that was a list of my favourite mods for Rimworld.

Were there any mods for Rimworld that stand out for you I missed? List them below! And before you go, why not check out my other mod lists, I’ve made quite a few now. If you have any suggestions for other game mod lists, let me know in the comments too!


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