My Favourite Video Game Vampires

Vampires. Not only have these mythical creatures been around for centuries, but they’ve also been the basis for a lot of awesome characters in pop culture, including video games. So, here are 5 of my personal favourite video game vampires.

1. Serana – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC

If you’ve never played the Dawnguard CLD in Skyrim, you’re missing out on by far one of the best characters in the entire series. Easily the best companion in the game, Serana is a young (well, hundreds of years old but still) vampire who accompanies you for much of the DLC. Superbly voiced by Laura Bailey, Serana is everything you want in a companion character. She’s funny, chatty, and actually has a lot of depth to her. Compared to games like Dragon Age, Skyrim really does lack in the good companion category. But vampire queen Serana, brings up their score by a decent amount by being so darn great.

source: Pocket Tactics

2. Regis – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Blood & Wine DLC

Another DLC vampire. For Witcher book fans, Regis is a great addition to the games and is again, superbly acted. The relationship between Geralt and Regis is honestly one of my favourites in the game. Their banter and loyalty to one another is just so sweet and wholesome, and it really feels like two old mates with a lot of respect for one another just hanging out on an adventure. Regis is also a great example of a more shall we say, refined vampire? He speaks well, he’s incredibly wise and intelligent, and blends into society very well. He’s the vampire all vampires should aspire to in my books.

source: Games Atlas

3. Jeanette/Therese Voerman – Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

And in complete contrast to Regis, next on my list we have Jeanette/Therese Voerman. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for people like Jeanette/Therese and their story. You first meet Jeanette, a Harley Quinn look-alike who is the co-owner of the club with her sister, Therese. Then later, you meet the mysterious Therese, a far more put together identical version of her sister. It’s soon after you discover that they’re actually one of the same, their younger self developing dissociative identity disorder due to trauma. Learning more about this character’s backstory just honestly makes me want to jump into the game and give her a big hug… despite the fact she might also ripped my throat out in the process. It’s incredibly rewarding helping Jeannette and Therese resolve their differences and learn to live with one another, and I definitely felt her questline for me, was one of the more emotional moments of the entire game.

source: Villians wiki

4. Jonanthan E. Reid – Vampyr

Jonathan E. Reid is another super fascinating character and unconventional vampire. He is a doctor turned vampire who struggles with his insatiable thirst for blood and his desire to help people. Unlike a lot of conventional vampire stories, Jonathan is not a bloodthirsty monster, but a complex character with a strong moral compass. Players of the game can choose to play as a pacifist and avoid killing innocents, or give in to their hunger and become a ruthless predator. Jonathan’s struggle with his identity and the choices he makes make him a super compelling and relatable character, and his journey is one worth checking out for sure!

source: Reddit

5. Lady Dimitrescu – Resident Evil: Village

What’s left to say about the devilish Lady Dimiterscu that hasn’t already been said? She’s elegant, she’s ruthless, and she’s also REALLY tall. She exudes a sense of confidence and power that is both intimidating and alluring, and of course turned her into a fan favourite super-fast. Her mysterious background and connection to the game’s story add to her intrigue and make her a fascinating character to learn more about too. Lady D’s charm and presence make her an unforgettable addition to this bloody list (get it, cos of the blood? Vampires? No?).

source: GamesRadar

So, there was 5 of my favourite video game vampires.

Were there any fang-tastic video game vampires I missed out on? Let me know in the comments. And before you fade into the shadows, why not check out some of our other awesome list type posts here, or even leap over to our YouTube channel for more awesome content from us.


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