My Favourite Video Game Weapons

There are a LOT of weapons in video games, but some certainly stand out more than others. So, in this post, I’m sharing some of my personal favourite video game weapons from PC titles. (So, no Master Swords here console fans, sorry!)

1. Gravity Gun (Half-Life 2)

The Gravity Gun absolutely blew people away when Half-Life 2 released, and for good reason. This classic weapon does exactly as its name suggests. Pretty much any and all in-game items can be either pushed with a click of the gravity gun or picked up and moved around with the alt fire. This makes the Gravity Gun an incredibly versatile weapon, and you can be super clever with it. Want to murder enemies by flinging cardboard boxes at them? Go for it! The weapon also gets a massive upgrade towards the end of Half-Life 2, able to now fling people around the place, as prior, the gun was limited to objects. So, if you haven’t played the classic game that is Half-Life 2, this is my official intervention. Go play this amazing game and use this equally amazing weapon while you’re at it.

source: NECA

2. BFG (Quake & Doom Series)

With a name like the BFG (you can fill in what those letters stand for… yes, it is that), how can it not make my list? I have the most experience with this weapon in the Quake series, but it’s equally as epic in the Doom franchise. This is the most powerful weapon in both games, and for good reason. Whether it’s sending flying green discs of death, or a charged-up wave of destruction, this gun always makes an impact (and usually results in a quick death to any lower-level enemies). The moment you find this weapon in any I.D game, you know you’re in for a bloody good time.

source: Quake Wiki

3. Portal Device (Portal)

The second Valve weapon on my list, the Portal Device from the Portal series somehow manages to be just as great as the Gravity Gun, but in a different way. The Portal Device basically enables the entire premise of the game itself, which is the ability to spawn 2 portals linked to one another, enabling you to move seamlessly between the two. The Portal Device is honestly just a whole lot of fun and enables you to do some absolutely heinous stuff. It’s absolutely the sort of weapon you just wish existed in real life!

source: Half-Life Wiki

4. Fat Man (Fallout)

If you’re looking for a weapon that enables you to do the most destruction possible in the shortest time possible, allow me to introduce you to the Fat Man from the Fallout series. This thing can make short work of pretty much any enemy you dare point it towards, via the use of its ammunition… mini nukes. It’s literally a mini nuke launcher! Yeah, you certainly don’t want to mess around with someone holding one of these. Or worse, accidentally drop one on your foot…

source: Attack of the Fanboy

5. Dawnfang/Duskfang (The Elder Scrolls Series)

While certainly not the most powerful weapon on this list, this is one of my favourite weapons in the entire Elder Scrolls series. Being an archer usually, it’s tough to get me to pick up a sword. But this one is my main exception. Acquired during your time in the Shivering Isles, Dawnfan and Duskfang are two sides of the same sword, turning into Dawnfang during the day, and Duskfang (you guessed it) at night. Not only is this just a beautiful sword, but it does fire damage during the day, and frost damage at night. Additionally, it also keeps track of how many opponents you’ve faced down during the corresponding 12 hours, and more kills can actually level up the sword. Gorgeous appearance, cool magical damage, leveling up system – I mean what more can you want in a sword?

source: The Unoffical Elder Scrolls Page

6. Galaxy Sword (Stardew Valley)

From one awesome sword, to another, The Galaxy Sword in Stardew Valley is a doozy. This is of the most powerful weapons in the game – beaten only by The Infinity Sword, which is an enchanted Galaxy Sword. To get one of these guys, track down a Prismatic Shard and take it to the three pillars in the desert. Standing in the middle of them holding the shard, creates the Galaxy Sword. And boy is this worth doing! Not only is it fast, but also does a butt ton of damage, making short work of all those pesky enemies in the Skull Cavern. If you haven’t got yourself one of these bad boys yet, you are truly missing out.

source: Gamers Decide

7. Playing Cards (American McGee’s Alice)

Ending my list with a bit of an old one, are the playing cards from my favourite game, American McGee’s Alice. In a game based on Alice in Wonderland, you certainly have to expect some whacky weapons, and the playing cards are my favourite. The second weapon you acquire in the game, the cards are a ranged weapon, firing off from the deck in Alice’s hand and slicing and dicing up your foes. It also has an alternative fire which sends a flurry of cards out at once. Everything about the card deck is just satisfying. The animation of them flying, the sounds of them whirring through the air, and the way they slice up your enemies! But there’s of course the weird fact that you can kill a cardguard, with a smaller version of itself… but we’ll just mosey on over that one I think….

source: Alice Wiki

So, those were my personal favourite video game weapons from PC titles.

Were there any of your favourite video game weapons that I missed? Share them in the comments below! And before you portal away, why not check out some of our other awesome list type posts here, or even leap over to our YouTube channel for more awesome content from us.


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