Mechanical Keyboard Switches Breakdown

Are you struggling to decide which swich is right for you? Well, this post breaks down the most popular switches on the market to help you figure that out!

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We chat YOUTUBE with Nick @ GEAR SEEKERS | Thermal Talk Podcast [EP:15]

This episode of Thermal Talk marks our first special guest appearance! The wonderful Nick from Gear Seekers joins Jono and Gillian to talk about creating a YouTube Channel, take some questions from the community, and tell a funny story about stinky tofu.

A Micro-Tower Build that Won’t Break the Bank!

Nick’s back, with another PC build for us! This time, we’ve gone for a Micro-Tower build, in our stunning new Thermaltake S100 case!

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Pause for Effect – The Thermal Talk Podcast [EP: 14]

In this episode of Thermal Talk, we are all still working from home! Join Sarah, Taylor, Gillian and Alex to discuss Facebook’s new streaming app, try out a new segment called “Quick Fire Questions” and decide whether Fallout 76 deserves a reprieve.

Tips for Building a VR Machine

Our recently released S100 Micro case would be the perfect case for a dedicated VR build. So, here are some tips for planning out your very own VR Machine.

The RoundUp – April 2020

Welcome to our monthly tech/gaming news post! On this RoundUp for April we’ll update you on the games/tech industry and all our latest Thermaltake news!

Tips for starting a Podcast

Since we recently started our own podcast, we thought to give some advice for those who might be looking at starting one themselves!

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Check out these Threads! – The Thermal Talk Podcast [EP: 13]

In this week’s episode of the podcast, we are all still working from home! Join Sarah, Taylor, Gillian and Jono to discuss: the recent COD Warzone controversy, Augmented reality, and the leaked specs for Intel’s new CPUs.

7 AMAZING Underrated Games

Some games seem to be everywhere and played by everyone, whilst some sadly fade into the background. So, here are 7 Underrated games not to miss out on!

7 Working from Home Tips

The world is in a weird place now, with many of us working from home for the first time. So, the team got together to think of 7 working from home tips!

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