7 Favourite Horror Games

This spooky season, we decided to make some scary themed posts. So lets start off by counting down some of my favourite horror games!

5 Favourite Thermaltake Keyboards

In the market for a new keyboard? Well, here are my personal 5 Favourite Thermaltake Keyboards to help in your quest for the best!


PC Build for UNDER $1500!?

We gave our PC builder Nick, a bit of a challenge. To give us an awesome gaming PC build, but for UNDER $1,500. Can he pull it off? Lets find out.

5 Tips that nobody tells you when you start streaming

Are you wanting to enter the world of streaming? Well, as an ex-twitch streamer, here are five streaming tips nobody tells you, when you start streaming.

Are Loot boxes gambling? : An Analysis

Lootboxes are a hot topic in the gaming community, and the debate over their legality is on-going. Today we examine lootboxes and whether they are gambling.

New to PC Tips

5 Tips for people who are new to PC gaming

Coming from console to PC gaming can be a challenge, but never fear! We’ve compiled 5 handy tips to aid in your transition to the PC master race!

7 Amazing but Cancelled Games

Sometimes amazing games just don’t get made for one reason or another. So, to honour these fallen games, here are 7 amazing but cancelled games.

7 Must have Skyrim mods

To celebrate Skyrim’s 8th birthday, we thought we’d count down 7 must have Skyrim mods for the most immersive playthrough ever!

What are Cores?

What are CPU Cores?

The tech world is full complicated wording and it all can get quite confusing. Well, these posts aim not to be! Today we explain what CPU cores are!

The RoundUp – September 2019

The RoundUp is a monthly post that will summarize the previous month in all things tech, gaming and Thermaltake.

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