5 Favourite Thermaltake Keyboards

Keyboards! The majority of us will use one at some stage or another, but with so many options on the market, it can be daunting to choose one that is right for you. So, to help make that choice a little easier, here are 5 of my favourite Thermaltake Keyboards! I can’t assure you that these keyboards will make you a pro gamer, however, you will sure look like one!

X1 RGB Cherry MX Silver Keyboard

X1 KeyboardI had to put this on the list because this is actually the keyboard I use at the office. And I adore it! I’m someone who has a bit of an affinity for slightly clicky keyboards, however not so loud that I can’t hear anything else. This keyboard is just clicky enough to satisfy my keyboard clicking needs. This keyboard also has a few awesome additional features. This includes an audio and USB port in the back of the keyboard, a comfortable magnetic wrist rest, and countless RGB customization options. There are also media buttons on the keyboard to control your volume and playback without having to take your fingers off the keyboard at all!

Neptune Elite RGB Brown Keyboard

Neptune keyboardFor quiet keyboard enthusiasts, this is a go to keyboard. It has a stunning floating keyboard design, multimedia keys and a detachable wrist rest. Coming with 8 additional red keycaps, it also has tons of customization options. By utilizing our RGB software, customizing this keyboard is a breeze, and it can become incredibly tailored to you. For a quiet gaming experience, this is a great choice.

Level 20 RGB Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Blue

Level 20 KeyboardIn strict opposition to the quietness of the Neptune Brown Keyboard, comes the Level 20 MX Blue, the clicky-clack keyboard selection of my 5. What more is there to say about the Level 20 keyboards that haven’t already been said!? Not only are they an incredibly reliable keyboard, featuring a floating cap design, and aluminum top plate construction, but these keyboards are gorgeous to look at too. They have a light strip that runs all the way around the outside as WELL as the usual RGB keyboard features. And of course, this can all be synchronized up with your software. I picked the blue switch for this one though, just because it looks and sounds incredibly cool. If you don’t have housemates that need to be in bed early, this is the keyboard for you.



Challenger PrimeFor those of us who just want a simple, nice looking keyboard that does everything you need without putting too much strain on the wallet, this is a prime pick. This sleek, simple membrane keyboard has a gaming centric design with comfortable wrist rests. It also comes with macro programmable buttons, as well as a wheel at the top to adjust the brightness of the backlit lighting. Sadly, this keyboard doesn’t come with full RGB options though, only coming with 3 different color presets. But for the incredibly reasonable price, this is a very impressive budget keyboard.


challenger edgeIf the CHALLENGER Prime is a little too plain for you, then this might be your saving grace. Similar to the CHALLENGER Prime, this is a more wallet friendly option, however the little extra price it has on the CHALLENGER Prime is due to the addition of RGB lighting. With a floating key design and quiet keys, this membrane keyboard is very adaptable and a little flashy as well. Additionally, this keyboard is designed with water resistance in mind, to protect against any accidental spills. Lastly, this keyboard is very customizable. You are able to tap in ANY compatible Cherry MX keycaps, allowing your keyboard to be uniquely yours.


Well, there is five of my favourite Thermaltake keyboards!

What are yours? Leave your favourites in the comments below!

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