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5 Tips for people who are new to PC gaming

Diving into the world of PC gaming for the first time can be quite overwhelming. So, I figured perhaps a handy guide to where to start when you switch to PC gaming for the first time, might be handy for some people. Here are my 5 Tips for people who are new to PC gaming!


5. Adjust your monitors

Unless they are already in a perfect position (which they often aren’t), it’s a good idea to make sure your monitor is at the correct height for you. A good rule of thumb, is that the top of the monitor should be just above your eye level. It should also be about an arms width away in distance and set at a medium brightness. Another idea is to invest in a monitor arm or stand, especially if you have two monitors. This tip is something a lot of people ignore, especially when coming from consoles. But your neck and your back will really appreciate it in the long run, as well as helping to curb headaches due to muscle strain.

Monitor Stand
source: ScorpTec

4. Invest in good back support

Another thing people tend to forget about when getting into PCs, is good back support. Many people just grab a chair from another room in the house or a cheap office chair and think that’ll work. Because you’re sitting closer to the screen than you might do with a console, you tend to sit quite differently. Most people tend to sit with their arms forwards to use the mouse and keyboard. This causes you to roll your shoulders inward which can be very harmful after extended hours.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to get additional back and neck support, or buy a chair with it. This doesn’t mean you have to fork out a million dollars on a gaming chair however. Even just having a pillow behind your back for a long gaming session might be all you need. Also, make sure your chair is at a good height for your screen.

Thermaltake Gaming Chair3. Use a Headset

Many console players are used to using the speakers from their TV screens, often only using a headset for speaking. However, many PC monitors don’t come with speakers in them. This means you either have to invest in some external ones yourself, or get a headset. Headsets for PC also can be beneficial for in game purposes too. For example, listening for footsteps can be very important in many popular PC first person shooters.

Look out for headphones that have good cushioning, and determine where you want them to sit on your ears. Headphones will either sit on your ear or over them, and can make a big difference for comfort. Additionally, decide whether you want headphones that will still allow you to hear everything around you, or noise canceling ones. Lastly, if you’re planning on using headphones for the mic, research whether the mic is of a decent quality as well. You don’t want to be that guy with the broken mic that everyone has to mute.

Headset2. Install steam

Now this is something that will be very new to a console player. Unlike on console where you have the one store that comes with the console of your choice, the main way to buy games digitally on PC is usually through Steam. There are other options though, such as GOG, Origin, The Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft store (as your PC will probably be running on Windows, so this will come preinstalled). Steam has pretty much been the main game launcher on PC for years now, and it’s worth investing in.

Even if you still buy games in store or other places (e.g. through Humble Bundle), a lot of games will still require steam to launch from instead of having their own launcher. Additionally, it’s a good way to start making new connections on PC, as steam allows you to add friends. If you use Discord as well, it’s a good idea to link up your steam to discord, which enables your discord friends to find your account easily.

source: Polygon

1. Remember to CLEAN YOUR PC!

One thing I think I have never done in my entire life of owning consoles, is clean them. Maybe a dust off the top every now as then, but internally, never. While is it somewhat recommended to try and clean your console every so often, most of us don’t. But having this mentality with a PC, is a BIG no no! Buy yourself a can of compressed air and give the insides of your PC a good spray down every few months or so. There are tons of online advice and How To videos to follow if you’re not certain. So don’t be scared to give your PC a good clean every so often, it’s worth it.

Another thing to remember is to keep your PC well maintained on the inside too. By that I mean, keeping your drivers all updated, and keeping your PC virus free with a good virus program. Keeping you PC happy on the inside and outside, is essential to you PC’s longevity.

Compressed Air
source: Lifehacks stack exchange


There are my 5 tips for getting started in PC gaming! Do you have any tips for people new to PC gaming? Or perhaps you’re new to PC gaming yourself and still have questions? Either way, feel free to pop something in the comments down below!


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