7 Amazing but Cancelled Games

There are some games that you play and ask yourself, “why does this game exist?” But on the other hand, there are games out there that never got to be made which really should have. So, I thought I’d talk about some of the most tragic stories of game that didn’t get to get made. Without further ado, here are 7 games I wish had been made, but will sadly never see the light of day.

7. Scalebound

source: US Gamer

This action role-player game was due to be released back in 2017, before sadly its studio, Platform Games, had to cancel its production. The game was mean to be centred around a character Drew, who was accompanied by their dragon Thuban. The pair lived in a cool looking fantasy world called Draconis and was a game which heavily pushed exploration and non-linear story telling. It honestly had so much potential, and there were even multiple trailers released, including a gameplay one. The game was apparently cancelled by the studio, who felt the game wasn’t going in the direction they thought it would, and it was a combined issue of their vision not lining up with that of Microsoft studios.


6. Prey 2

Prey 2
source: fanpop

Now this game has nothing to do with the 2017 game by Arkane studios, Prey. This refers to the sequel of the 2006 survival horror game also called, Prey. The original Prey has very much become a cult hit, the game garnered lots of fans after its release and was considered a pretty successful game upon its release as well. The main issue Prey 2 faced, was the acquiring of the IP by Bethesda. Bethesda eventually declared that the game Human Head were creating, did not meet their expectations for it and canned it. In 2017, Arkane instead released a reboot of the series, and while that game was also enjoyable, it’s a shame we’ll never know what Human Head’s vision was like.


5. Fable Legends

Fable Legends
source: Fable Legends

As a big Fable player as a child, this one hits home for me personally. This game was due to be a cooperative game, set in the Fable universe. You could play with your real-life friends, with random players via an online matchmaker, or AI. Once again, this game had a full trailer release and everything, showing off awesome looking gameplay and some spectacular looking level designs. This game looked like everything us Fable fans wanted and more, but sadly, this game never was to be. The closure of Lionhead studios, the company that made Fable, was the main cause for this decision. Some employees have stated that, in their opinion, the reason for its closure was just due to poor organization and lack of good management. For us Fable fans, we truly are in the darker timeline.


4. Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313
source: SVG

In the words of Obi Wan, “You were the chosen one!” This game honestly looked like it was going to put Star Wars games, back on the map. And instead, we got the new Battlefront games… sighs. After Lucas Arts was bought out by Disney, it sadly put a cork in the plans for this game, probably due to the realistic and more adult approach the game was going to take. The game was set to focus around popular character Boba Fett and chronicle his journey as young bounty hunter. Like many of the other games on this list, they had released a few trailers as well of this game, showing of the awesome possibility this game had. There is potential it seems to either reboot the game in future or even turn it into a movie in the extended Star Wars universe. We can only hope, but for now it seems we will never experience the awesomeness this game was set to deliver.


3. The Wolf Among Us Season 2

The Wolf Among Us
source: Common Sense Media

Due to recent events, there is still a possibility that this game will be made, but for the foreseeable future, it seems unluckily. In my opinion, The Wolf Among Us was one of Telltale’s finest. And just before they closed they FINALLY announced they would soon be working on the second season… which sadly never happened due to the studios closure. This game was based on the Fables comic series and centered around the big bad wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, who is now a stoic detective called Bigby. In this world, all the creatures from fairytales are real and exist mostly in secret. The first season of this game was an emotional roller coaster and a lot of people who played it, considered it the best Telltale game, so it was strange that they didn’t even consider a sequel until almost six years after it came out. Since Telltale’s closure though, the future of this game looked bleak. The studio has re-opened since then though, with new management – and they have ownership of some of their titles, including The Wolf Among Us. So, it looks like there is hope for this game yet!


2. Half Life 2: Episode 3

Half Life 2 Ep 3
source: Engadget

I don’t care what anyone says, I’m still in the camp that thinks there will be no more Half Life games. This does make me sad as I loved Half-Life 2 and both Episodes that followed, but considering its been twelve years since Episode 2, it’s safe to say Episode 3 is probably not happening. The worst part of that in my opinion is the cliffhanger it left us on, and potentially never knowing what happened after. Some still hold onto hope that at least Half-Life 3 will be made and will somehow answer all the questions left over from Half-Life 2, but the silence from Valve about it isn’t exactly reassuring. Luckily, Half-Life game director Marc Laidlaw did post a ‘fan fiction’ style blog post about what his vision of Half-Life 3: Episode 3 would be, entitled, ‘Epistle 3′, which does wrap every up nicely. Check it out here if you’re curious. It’s not an official document of course, as he is no longer part of Valve, but might be the closest we ever get sadly.


1. Silent Hills

Silent Hills
source: Gaming Central

This is the only game on this list that would not have been on PC. But regardless, it’s by far one of the saddest stories in gaming. The fact that this incredible looking game (even though it was due to be a PS4 exclusive) will never be produced is incredibly sad. Originally due to be headed by Hideo Kojima, this game first game to the public’s interest from the 2012 playable demo, P.T. This demo practically took over the internet when it came out, and the hype for a new Silent Hills game being made by the visionary behind Metal Gear was incredibly high. But then, it all fell apart. After numerous disagreements with Konami, it was revealed that Kojima would step down from the company entirely and therefore the game was cancelled as they couldn’t find anyone top replace Kojima. Luckily, his new game Death Stranding is looking amazing, but it’s a very different game. There is still hope for the Silent Hill franchise going into the future, but it seems the Kojima vision will never be.


What is your favourite game that was never made?

Let us know in the comments below so we can lament it’s cancellation together 🙁


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