7 Cool PC Accessories under $100!

Have you ever felt like your PC is missing something, but just can’t quite put your finger on what? Or perhaps you’re looking to buy a gift for the resident PC lover in your life, but it seems like they already have everything!? Well as always, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of 7 Cool PC Accessories under $100! These PC Accessories will hopefully help put the cherry on top of your build, or help you find the perfect gift for that hard to buy for techy in your life.

Individual LED Strips

Starting off our list is individual LED strips. Picture this, you’ve just finished your new build, and you step back and realize all the parts you selected have no RGB lights in them! Well never fear, because individual LED strips are here! With these bad boys you can still add a little RGB beauty to your PC. You can find these in a few different places online, but we do stock our very own Thermaltake Pacific Lumi Plus LED strips. These come with a magnetic installation solution so no awkward set up required, and if down the track you do decide to get some RGB products, you can synch them all up to give it an extra stunning RGB aesthetic. Because after all, who doesn’t want a bit of RGB in their lives!

GPU Bracket

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Next, we have the handy dandy GPU Bracket. It’s kind of unsettling to find your graphics card’s weight isn’t quite being supported all that well and is now just dangling in your case. And sadly, not every case supports a vertical install. Our solution? Invest in a GPU bracket. These handy little guys sit in under your GPU and basically do exactly what you would imagine, help support its weight. You can usually grab them online relatively cheaply, or if you’re a bit of a crafter, probably even make something yourself that could work well to solve this frankly quite nerve-wracking problem.


We have another solution now to spicing up a bland build, RGB fans. You may have noticed here that we like a bit of RGB flashy-ness in our builds, and why wouldn’t you!? RGB fans are a solid way to add some nice flair to your build. A ton of our very own Thermaltake RGB fans synch up awesomely with other RGB products and of course, as fans tend to do, they work to cool down your PC. Functionality and looking good! This is an awesome way to spice up your build and give it the unique final touch you might be looking for. And with some of our fans coming with 16.8 million colours to chose from you can truly make your build unique with these.

Internal USB Hub

Next, we have the Internal USB Hub. Now many of us have heard of external USB hubs, but what other options are there if you’re running out of USB ports, especially for your internals like digital fan controllers or lighting accessories? Well, invest in an internal USB hub. It has basically the same functionality as an external USB hub, only it lives on the inside of your build, and is a great way to plug in more long-term things. You can find these online in a few places, but we do sell one that supports both Intel and AMD chips! These are handy and easy to use and install and can add a professional look to your build.

Custom Cables

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Now for many of us, the idea of customizing cables sounds kind of unnecessary, but consider this: Cable management. Making your own custom cables can have serious benefits and can make your PC stand out from the crowd. For starters, if the standard cables you have are flimsy or thin, making some thicker custom cables means easier cable management. You can bunch them nicely together with cable combs and tuck them away with ease. But if you’re not quite ready for custom sleeved cables, then cable extensions are another awesome, affordable option! The difference is cable extensions plug into your existing cables, customizing them is sleeving the original ones. Either option though, will definitely add another layer of uniqueness to your build. They also come in different colours. This means they can help match whatever unique colour scheme you might be going for in your build.

Headset Stand

If you have a fancy headset that you just leave lying on your desk every day, then do we have a suggestion for you! Get a headset stand to match your awesome headset! Not only will it keep your headset safer because it’s not just lying on the desk just waiting to fall off, but headset stands can look good too! Our gorgeous E1 headset stand, for example, comes with RGB lighting and has a sleek look to compliment any headset easily. It also has a 3.5 mm audio port, allowing you to hook your headset up to it, rather than dealing with having to hook it up to your PC itself.

Monitor Stand

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One of the things that many of us don’t think about when we sit down to use our PC, is our posture. It’s something that kind of goes out the window until we stand up after a seven-hour gaming session and hurt all over. One thing that really can help with this is investing in a monitor stand. These come in a variety of options from single, dual, or triple monitors and they are adjustable so you can position it in the correct location for your height. In most cases you want your eyes about two the three inches below the top of the screen, and standard monitor stands don’t tend to go that high. Monitor stands are also handy to free up space on your desk and can give your set up a more clutter free look.

So, there is our list of seven cool PC Accessories under $100!

Pop any comments or questions you may have in the comments section down below! And feel free to check out the video version of this post down below also to see these PC Accessories in action!


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