LCGS: Meet our Systems!

If you missed the news back in October, we released our very own water-cooled gaming system range, LCGS! This is a range of awesome pre-built gaming systems made here in our very own Melbourne offices. Before shipment, our systems undergo vigorous testing – even coming with Windows 10 preinstalled! This post will explore our current lineup of available systems, and hopefully help you decide which system is best for you!


The Crusader is the baby of the bunch, but don’t let its size fool you! This PC packs as much of a punch as its bigger brothers do! Housed in our insanely popular Level 20 VT, this system is gorgeous and compact, utilizing multiple tempered glass panels to show off your build from every angle. The Crusader utilizes an Intel i5 9600KF processor, and a GeForce RTX 2070 Super graphics card. It also has 16GBs of our awesome ToughRAM at 3000Mhz. The case also comes with some of our stunning Riing Plus fans.


If you want a clean look in a gorgeous open-air case, then the Raptor is for you! This build has similar stats to the Crusader, utilizing a GeForce RTX 2070 Super also. However, it also taps in a slightly higher speed of our ToughRAM, going with 16GB of our 3200Mhz Ram, as well as an Intel i7 9700KF CPU. On top of this, the Raptor is built in the Core P3, one of our other most popular cases. The Raptor also uses 3 of our spectacular Riing Trio fans to create a stunning finished look.


The Archer is where we begin to move into more of the enthusiast centric side of our range. This build comes in our gorgeous View 71 case, making it quite a hefty boy in comparison to the previous builds. Coming with an Intel i7 9700KF CPU, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and 32GBs of our 3200Mhz ToughRAM; this build has a lot going on! Unlike in the previous builds though, the Archer even water cools your RAM! Our gorgeous WaterRAM helps maintain your RAM’s performance and ensures a longer shelf life. The Archer also comes with our incredible Riing Trio fans.


If you thought the Archer was a big boy, you haven’t seen anything yet! The Sabre uses our full tower A700 case. The A700 is utilizes aluminum construction, meaning this case looks stunning and is incredibly durable. This build uses an Intel i9 9900KF processor and a GeForce RTX 2090 Ti OC graphics card. Lastly, it has 32GBs of our 3200Hz ToughRAM (also water-cooled, like the Archer) and utilizes our Riing Trio fans. This build has a sleek, professional look and is insanely powerful too!


Rounding off our builds, is the beast of a machine that is, The Alchemist. Housed in our gorgeous Level 20 HT case, this build uses two reservoirs. This makes it the only one of our builds to cool your CPU and GPU separately. This build is made to be seen, featuring an Intel i9 9900KF and GeForce RTX 2080 Ti – as well as our Riing Trio fans. It also features 32GBs of our 3200Hz ToughRAM, also water-cooled. This is the dream PC for water cooling enthusiasts!

So that was a breakdown of our current LCGS line up!

Feel free to head over to the official LCGS website for more information! Also, comment down below which of the LCGS builds is your favourite!

You can also check out some of our previous posts featuring Nick, our builder! He is the wizard who puts together all these PCs, as well as coming up with some great builds for us on the blog here too!

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