A Sweaty Palm Inducing List of Things That Will Definitely Go Wrong During My First PC Build

To preface things here, I want to explain that right now that I am somehow who does not enjoy building or fiddling with tech. I get zero enjoyment from tinkering and problem solving with hardware, the experience often just results in mass frustration for me. The moment where I push the on button at the end and it finally works, feels more like a release of tension than a satisfaction of a hard day’s work done. Preferably, I just want to plug in and go. However, I can avoid it no longer. This week I am doing my first PC Build as I’m due for an upgrade. I’m not gonna lie, I’m nervous. The pit stains are inevitable.

So, almost as a form of catharsis, I’m now going to list everything that COULD go wrong, in the hopes that I get all my anxiety out now. The idea being that the build does in fact go smoothly, and then I can look back at this post and have a big old laugh at how needlessly nervous I was. Therefore, here is a sweaty palm inducing list of things that will definitely go wrong during my first PC build! 

1. I’ll break my expensive parts

As someone who would like to consider themselves thrifty, I am ashamed of how much money I’ve parted ways with for my graphics card. I shed a single tear as I confirmed the order, and now there is a deep seeded terror that I will somehow manage to snap it in half when I insert it.

Like I’m 90% sure I won’t, but WHAT IF I DO!  Someone please slap me across the head if this occurs, if I’m not already in the foetal position sobbing.PC build

2. Things won’t fit

So, I’ve like, triple checked that all my parts will physically fit in my case. So come build day and I go to insert the PSU only to find it doesn’t fit, a tantrum is imminent.

I’m really hoping I won’t have to force things here. Of course, I understand a bit of force is required when building, but if we fast forward to me stomping the ram sticks into place, I can’t imagine PC building aficionados will be too impressed.

3. My parts won’t be compatible

Here’s another place where I’ve poured hours of research into, and I’m 99% certain all my parts play nicely with one another. But again, WHAT IF THEY DON’T! I just don’t want to be the guy who ordered an ATX motherboard and be left scratching my head when it won’t fit into a mini tower case. I’d be the laughingstock of the internet.Thermaltake H550 ARGB Case

4. I’ll have the big shaky hands

Now memes aside, this one is the most probable. I’ll have a coffee right before we build, and the beverage mixed the nerves will result in some big shaky hand moments for myself. Not only is it extremely embarrassing but it’s just plain annoying! Here I am trying to screw something into place, but I can’t get the damn screw into the hole. So, since this one is inevitable, no one say anything when it happens, please.

I have feelings too y’know.

5. After all of that, it won’t turn on.

This might be the one that will crush my soul the hardest. IF somehow, someway, I manage to build this thing without any issues, and everything slides into place nicely, I’ll be devastated if all my work was for nothing, and it refuses to work at the end. There very well might be a meltdown on the cards. And if nobody has yet to cry on the Thermaltake Australia YouTube channel, that might be changing very soon.

So, that was my list of five things that will definitely go wrong during my first PC build!

Were there other dreadful things that will happen during my first PC build that I missed? Was there some way YOU royally messed up when building for the first time? Be sure to let me know in the comment section below! Also, Remember to check out the rest of our Tech posts here, or head over to our YouTube channel for more awesome content from us!


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