Games to Upgrade For 2020

Games to Upgrade For – 2020 Edition

I did one of these last year, however it was around midyear when I wrote it. This meant I couldn’t give as much warning as I would have liked for some of those games. This time however, I’m getting in nice and early! 2020 has several amazing games coming to PC, and some of them are coming out earlier rather than later, so here are 7 games to upgrade for in 2020!

7. Dying Light 2 (Sometime in 2020)

games to upgrade for
source: Trusted Reviews

I mentioned this in my list for last year, so if you haven’t updated by now this is your final warning! The sequel to 2015’s Dying Light, this game is shaping up to be awesome! Techland has gone above and beyond to make this game look amazing, especially considering how good the first game still looks to this day. Overall, as it’s an open world game, a decent processor is always ideal, and you will want to ensure your PC can hit the high FPS rate of the game to avoid stuttering. Immersion breaking things like that always ruin a game experience, so ensure your rig is ready!

6. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 (Sometime in 2020)

Bloodlines 2
source: YouTube

There is nothing worse than waiting sixteen years for a game, only for your PC to not be able to run it. So, if you’re holding out for this game, do yourself a favour and ensure your PC is ready for it! Another open world game, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, looks like it will be a test for your PC. Because of how detailed both the world and the characters can look; this game would be a shame to play at lower settings.


5. Halo: Infinite (Sometime in 2020)

games to upgrade for
source: Microsoft

Even though this game doesn’t have a set release date for 2020, it will be coming out for the new Microsoft gaming console Project Scarlett. It’s safe to say then, that there will be some stunning visuals in this game. So, if you’re planning on getting it for the PC, better to be safe than sorry! After all, Master Chief deserves the best considering all he’s been through so far! Having a decent at least mid/high tier CPU and Graphics card will ensure you can see our boy Master Chief at his best.


4. Doom: Eternal (Release Date: March 20, 2020)

games to upgrade for
source: Microsoft

The third game from the previous list, Doom: Eternal, was due for release in 2019, however since its now due out in March, it makes this list too! So, for those of you who ignored my warning last year, you have a reprieve… for now. 2015’s Doom was one of the best-looking FPS games at the time, and I have full confidence in saying that Doom: Eternal will be nothing short of stunning. Due to the new subtle changes to this game from previous, including how enemies’ bodies will get physically damaged during combat, you don’t want a low tier graphics card as you’ll miss out on these very immersive changes. While this game might be not impossible to run on a lower tier build, with the upped scale of the game including more enemies and bigger locations, you will be really missing out!


3. Death Stranding (Release Date: November 8, 2020)

source: MP1st

The second they announced this game was coming to PC, it was on this list! And I hadn’t even decided I wasn’t even doing a list of games to upgrade for at that time! Legitimately, the fact that this is coming to PC made me do another list! Regardless of whether you think this game is a glorified walking simulator, or the best game of 2019, you can’t deny even on console this game looks gorgeous! While you can probably still run this game OK on a mid-tier gaming rig, why would you? For a game where a large portion of it revolves around you just walking around, why not invest in making it looks as amazing as possible!? And that’s why it’s so high on this list.


2. Half-Life: Alyx (Release Date: March 2020)

Half Life Alyx
source: GamesRadar

It was tough to decide between the top two on this list, but this missed out on the top spot for one reason only, it’s a VR exclusive and I’m still bitter about it. Half-Life: Alyx shocked everyone with its sudden reveal in November 2019, and many of us immediately scrambled to buy a VR headset for it. While the game will pretty much support every headset on the market, it will still cost you a fair bit to get one, even second hand! On top of this, the games minimal run requirements might put you back a bit as well. You’ll need a fairly decent CPU, at least 12 GB of RAM and a decent Graphics card too. To play this bad boy when it finally comes out next year, be prepared to do a few upgrades if you haven’t for a while!


1. Cyberpunk 2077 (Release Date: April 16, 2020)

source: Comic Book

This game tops my list of games to upgrade for, for a few reasons, but mainly because, it’s CD Projekt Red! It’s a safe bet this will be a great game! Good game play AND good graphics! From what we’ve seen from game play trailers and previews, this game is going for a very realistic look and feel for the future version of our world. This of course means a bit of a workout for your system! As of the writing of this post, the minimum rumor requirements are pretty hefty, including an Intel i7-8700k CPU – and that’s the minimum! If you want this game to look as good as it plays, it might be worth saving up some pennies for this one when it releases in April, 2020.


Well, those were my picks for games to upgrade for in 2020!

What games are you most looking forward to, despite having to perhaps dig into the wallet in order to play them? Let us know in the comments down below!


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