5 Easy Upgrades for Your PC setup

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for a fresh start! Don’t bring the problems of 2019 into 2020 – and that includes your PC! If you still have some left-over Christmas money, you might be looking at upgrading your setup this year. So, here is a list of 5 Easy Upgrades for Your PC setup! These won’t break the bank and are relatively simple upgrades that can do wonders for your setup!

1. RGB fans

Have you still got your stock case fans installed? While they still work perfectly fine, it’s always nice to add a splash of colour to a build, and it’s nice to know that your fans are moving air properly through your case. This is where upgrading to some gorgeous RGB fans comes in! Not only do they look amazing, and are often fully customizable, but they provide excellent airflow. You can pick and choose the perfect sort of fans for your case and airflow needs, combined with the options to truly personalize your case. Also, if you’re not a fan of the “unicorn vomit” rainbow colours, remember, you can change them! Depending if you have RGB or ARGB fans, you can change them through your motherboard software or even via a button on your case. Fans are also pretty easy to swap in and out, just needing to plug them into your fan ports on your motherboard.

2. Fully Modular PSU

Now while this isn’t the easiest upgrade on the list, boy is it a useful one! The first time I saw a non-modular PSU, I think I died a little inside. That gigantic mess of cables sprouting out of the back of the PSU honestly reminded me of that scene in Alien where the creature bursts out from John Hurt’s chest. I’m sure some people enjoy the tangled, awful mess that is a non-modular PSU’s, but why go through that when fully modular PSU’s exists! My favorite thing about this is that you can install each cable and component at your own pace, and it makes it super easy to swap and change things out, without having to go through the tangled mess of cables. I find fully modular PSU’s just so much easier to cable manage also. If you plan on upgrading your rig a lot, these will save you SOO much time, and is well worth tapping in ASAP!

Power Supply


So, while the RGB fans can also be useful for enhancing your airflow, sadly adding RGB to your RAM won’t really change your RAM. But consider the importance, of colour coordination! OK, I know, not everyone cares about that. But if you do want to match everything up, getting some RAM with RGB in them can look amazing in your build, especially complete with some awesome RGB fans. RAM is especially nice looking with RGB, as it is somewhat of a focal point of your case, often sitting quite central in comparison to fans or power supplies. Upgrading your RAM in general can also be super handy, especially if you’re running big heavy programs like video editing software, or trying to stream while gaming. So, if you need a RAM upgrade anyway, chucking some personalization in never goes astray.

4. All-in-One Cooling

If you still have your bulky, plain stock cooler installed, then boy do I have a suggestion for you. Grab yourself a fancy AIO! AIO’s are a simpler way to water cool your system, and in my opinion, look absolutely stunning. They allow your RAM to truly shine more, and make everything less cluttered on your motherboard. AIO’s do amazing cooling and is an optimal choice for CPU cooling if you plan to overclock. AIO’s are also surprisingly inexpensive, with really only the 360 sized ones breaking the bank, and most cases don’t need that anyway, with 240 or 180 being more than enough to cool your rig.

Floe Riing5. Extended Mouse Pad

Now while this technically isn’t inside your build, man do these change your life! I’m the sort of person that waves my mouse around everywhere when I’m gaming. And the problem with this (apart from potentially throwing your mouse out the window), is it often it slides off the mouse pad, and then screws up my game. The solution is, of course, to get an extended mouse pad! These usually sit under your mouse and keyboard and means you have so much more room for your mouse. It also helps with not getting marks on your arms from the edge of your tdesk. You can get extended mouse pads with all sorts of designs and patterns, including RGB ones! This is a really low maintenance way to spice up your set up and add some customized, unique flair to your space.

So, there was 5 Easy Upgrades for Your PC setup in 2020!

Post any suggestions you have for other upgrades in the comments below! Feel free to check out our other list blog posts HERE. Or, go watch our video on PC accessories for under $100 HERE!


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