7 Games that could be great films (or TV shows!)

Some games have such a great story that it’s basically criminal that is hasn’t hit the big screen. (Especially considering some of the god-awful ideas that do get made into movies!) And with the recent success of Netflix’s The Witcher, is clear that game adaptations can work! (I know, yes technically The Witcher is based on a novel, however many game fans are watching it without the knowledge of the books, so I think it still counts!). So, if you aren’t a big single player gamer, or aren’t as narrative focused as I am, here are 7 Games that could be great films (or TV shows!), if they had the chance!


Let’s face it, Naughty Dog games are effectively movies already, so why not make them actual movies!? I chose Uncharted over the other popular Naughty Dog game The Last of Us, as I felt the swash buckling adventures of Nathan Drake would translate better to the big screen. We have seen many a zombie apocalypse movie in our time and while The Last of Us is amazing, I don’t really think a movie will bring much else to the story. Nathan strikes me as the sort of character you could throw in any adventure and you’d have a good time. This means, the film wouldn’t have to follow the games, it could provide us with an entirely new adventure. Also seeing the rag tag bunch of adventures come to screen like Sully, Chloe and Elena would be awesome – not to mention all the amazing beautiful real-life set locations this film could take you.

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While I’m not much for first person stealth player, this game’s story was always worth pushing through it for me. Dishonored is the story of an ex-bodyguard, framed for the murder of the queen he was guarding. This story has it all. An awesome bleak but intriguing setting, nuanced characters and twist and turns for days! This would make for an amazing film and would allow a lot of creativity with the cinematography. This game just has so much depth to it, and its unique style, setting and premise would make this one heck of a film.

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While the game itself doesn’t have much in the way of story, the character and limited lore we have got so far would make for an awesome film or TV series. Overwatch has such an amazing line up of characters, and each of their stories are well worth exploring more. And since the game doesn’t really dive into it as much, I feel another medium could more. While the upcoming Overwatch 2 looks like it will be something between more story-based gameplay and multiplayer gameplay, a TV series or film could take it one step further. This is especially true for players who love the characters and lore but have since stopped playing the game.

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Half-Life was the game that redefined PC gaming, so why not be the game that redefines the “games can’t be adapted to movies” ideal. The story of Dr Gordon Freeman is by far one of the best video games stories of all time, and its sequel as well. Also, with the growing re-interest in the Half-Life series due to Half-Life: Alyx, this is the perfect time to introduce more people to the series with something a little easier to digest, like a TV series or movie. This could either follow the story of the games, or create their own story within the universe, as there are lots of stories to explore. The world of Half-Life is so rich with lore and characters that it’s a shame we only got 4 games in the series (if you don’t count Portal), and I’m sure I speak on behalf of all Half-Life fans, when I say any opportunity to return to this series we will take!

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For a game where you play a mute man in a woolen jumper, this game goes above and beyond in terms of storytelling. I mean anyone who has played this before remembers their first moment arriving in rapture. That moment alone is reason enough for why this masterpiece of gaming deserves a film. On top of this, if they adapted the first Bioshock well, that could mean Infinite could follow! Bioshock has an incredibly complex narrative, with some amazing twists. Not to mention Rapture itself! What an incredible location, with the sinking city feeling like a character in and of itself! This wouldn’t be the easiest game on my list to adapt sadly, but if someone could pull it off, it could be a masterpiece of film.

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Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Studios is really known for 2 things: the hot coffee incident in GTA, and insanely detailed open world games. The latter though is why I think their western open world game could be an amazing film. Westerns are making a comeback, and why not add to that, with one of the best cowboy games ever! Red Dead Redemption has an amazing story, following the journey of an ex-gang member who just wants to live a normal life, but just can’t seem to catch a break. This game’s characters are very nuanced and deals with a complex anti-hero, which is also quite trendy nowadays. The setting is also amazing, and it would look incredible if brought to the big screen.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order

Ignoring the average sequel and even less average off shoot Youngblood, Machine Games’s original reboot of the Wolfenstein series was storytelling at it’s finest. The main thing I’m putting this down to, was the ingenious idea of introducing a rang tag crew to help B.J. in his quest to restore the world from Nazi rule. The Kreisau Circle characters like Caroline, Max Haas and Fergus (team Fergus! Sorry not sorry) as well as introducing a love interest for B.J. in Anya, really made you care, in a way previous Wolfenstein games didn’t quite achieve. This story has everything, great action scenes, amazing set pieces and incredible characters that make you feel things! This game is practically begging to be turned into a film, and it’s a dang shame it hasn’t been already!

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So, there is my list of 7 Games that could be great films (or TV shows) if they had chance! Would you want to see any of these as films? Feel free to share your opinions or other games you want to see adapted down below!

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