7 AMAZING Underrated Games

There is nothing worse than playing an incredible game, only to discover absolutely no one else is aware of how wonderful it is! Some games seem to be everywhere and played by everyone, whilst some sadly fade into the background. Well, I’m here to push them BACK into the foreground! Here are 7 AMAZING underrated games and you SHOULD be playing right now!

7. Mad Max

For a game set in a post apocalyptic wasteland, this is honestly such a STUNNING game! If you don’t spend 30% of this game taking gorgeous screenshots posing next to your cars, what’s even the point!? Coming out soon after the successful Mad Max: Fury Road, I’m sure many saw this game was seen as a cash grab, but it’s actually a really competent vehicle looter shooter. You play as the titular Mad Max, exploring the world of a barren post-apocalyptic wasteland. You can craft and drive cards, as well as upgrading them with stuff you scavenge, modifying everything from its engine, to chassis, wheels and paintwork. On top of this, the story is quite interesting, with an array of well-developed characters. If you want a game that’s part Fallout and GTA, this is right up your alley!

Underrated Games
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6. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

The main reason I think this game didn’t land as well as the first, is due to it having a more political story. And while that isn’t wrong, it’s mostly confined to a few choice scenes, and in my opinion, blown entirely out of proportion by reviewers and YouTubers. The story picks up a bit after the first one ends and continues the story of BJ Blazkowicz as he and his dwindling team of rebels try to bring down the Nazi regime. Much like the first game, this has incredible gun play and an intriguing story with some great new characters introduced. It also dives a little more into B. J’s backstory, and helps to humanize him more, instead of just viewing him as a human tank with a gun wielded to his hand. So, while it’s not quite as strong as it’s processor, and a little more political, it’s still worth playing if you enjoyed the first one.

Underrated Games
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5. Halo 3: ODST

OK, I’m going to out myself, I’m not a big Halo fan. I have only really played and finished Halo 3 co-op with my brother… and I had no idea what was going on. But ODST (and Reach) were honestly the only times I ever found myself interested in Halo. While I never actually finished ODST (bloody scratched discs!), I was super interested in the grittier, more focused story line that ODST presented over the more grandiose story of the Master Chief. You play as an ODST (Orbital Shock Drop Trooper) trying to discover what happened to the rest of your teammates. This plays very much like Halo of course, but I always felt far more invested in the story of Rookie and his missing teammates. So, if you, like me, just couldn’t get into the main Halo games, this is a very underrated alternative.

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4. Mirror’s Edge

This game, while it has admittedly gained a following, is by far good enough to deserve more! As well as looking amazing, and having a great plot, this game is the perfect parkour simulator! In this first-person adventure game, you play as Faith Connors a ‘runner’, who lives in a futuristic dystopian society. The plot is intense and unpredictable, and you really feel for Faith and the other characters. On top of this, the parkour game play is superb! You really feel each jump and the strain it has on Faith, unlike in some games where you just feel like your character is in no way impacted by gravity. If you’re someone who holds both game play AND story as paramount importance in your games, then this is definitely one to go back to if you missed it.

Underrated Games
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3. Bioshock 2

I know, I know! Bioshock 2 isn’t as good as the first one, or Infinite. And I assume this is the main reason that most people just skip 2. But if you have the chance, this game is very worth playing still! Bioshock 2 takes places a bit after Bioshock concluded, and you play as an original series Big Daddy! That means you have a ton of access to weapons you didn’t before, like the drill and rivet gun. You also have escort missions, where you can take a Little Sister to harvest Adam. The story, while not as compelling as 1 or Infinite, is still rather engaging, and the combat in my opinion is vastly improved from the first game. So, if you’re a fan of the other 2 Bioshock games but overlooked 2 due to people saying it was bad, it’s worth nipping back and giving it a play! If, at least, for an excuse to return to the world of Rapture one more time.

Underrated Games
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2. No-One Lives Forever 1 & 2

These games are a little old, so I will let you off not knowing them, but boy should you! Both of these games revolve around the indomitable Agent Cate Archer, a spy for U.N.I.T.Y, a spy organization in the 1960s. This of course, means Cate is the only female spy, which is something she overcomes with complete and utter bad-assery! The first game is from back in the 90s, so the graphics are a little dated, however the story and game play is pretty fun (despite a few frustrating stealth missions). The second game definitely improves on the first, and FUN FACT, is actually the first game to use moving eyeballs! This is a fun spy FPS with cool gadgets, great characters and some hilarious dialogue. It’s such a shame these games didn’t get as much recognition as they deserved back in the day, so give them some love now instead!

Underrated Games
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1. Psychonauts

There was no way this wasn’t making it onto this list! I have said time and time again that this is the best game nobody’s ever heard of. Luckily, with the upcoming release of the sequel (albeit 15 years later) it’s getting a little more notice, but still not as much as this amazing game deserves! This game centers around a bunch of child physics at the Whispering Rock Psychic summer camp. You play as Raz, a runaway from the circus who joins the camp to try and become a Psychonaut, a sort of psychic spy. This game is just tons of fun from the get-go! The setting is great, Raz and all the colourful characters of the camp are great, not to mention all the powers! As a physic, Raz can levitate, shoot lasers from his head and even move objects with his mind! The game play is top tier, the story is great, the art style is kinda weird but also perfect. Even the MUSIC is great and suits each location and situation perfectly. If you haven’t played this already, ENSURE you do before the next game comes out. You don’t want to miss out twice!

Underrated Games
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So, there were 7 AMAZING underrated games you SHOULD be playing right now!

Get out there and get playing them STAT! If I missed any games, chuck them in the comments below.

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