Must have Mods for The Sims 4

Some of the most popular posts on this PC Technology and Games blog are my mod lists for Elder Scrolls Games. (For some reason.) It’s been a while since my last mod list, and I’ve still got more mod lists in the pipeline! So, today, here is my list of Must have Mods for The Sims 4.

1. MC Command Center by Deaderpool

This is the first mod in my list because it is non-negotiable. Even if you are a staunch no mods kind of player this mod provides such an overall quality of life change it’s hard to argue against using. Modder Deaderpool’s creation allows you to have control of practically anything in The Sims 4. But the main feature it’s worth being utilized for is its story progression. If you’ve ever tried a Legacy Sim, you’ll know by Gen 4, you’ve started to run out of eligible bachelors. But this mod can fix that and it’s not just a blanket fix either. You can choose everything right down to how many babies are born how often, when people get new jobs, everything! My Sims 4 worlds felt much more alive after tinkering with this for a while, so it’s well worth the download.

2. 100 Base Game Traits Pack V2 AND More CAS Traits by chungyu1023

I can’t be the only one who ends up creating the same 5 sims over and over due to the lack of traits. The Sims 4 sold itself on how unique you could make sure sims, and yet here we are with only a dozen or so ways in which to do that via the trait system. Well, grab these mods and you’ll never feel that again! The first mod adds a ton of new traits to the base game, taking the total up to 100 instead of the measly 20 or so you receive without any other packs.  Additionally, by grabbing the More CAS traits mod also by chungy1023, you can have more than 3 traits at a time. Both of these allow you to create far more diverse and layered sims than you would normally be able to.

3. T.O.O.L by TwistedMexi

No, this mod is not me insulting you, or refencing the band from the 90s. The T.O.O.L (Takes Objects Off Lot) mod is one of the best ways to get more creative with your building. If you’ve ever wished you could change something just off the grid of your lot, then this is the mod for you. This mod means you can edit the outsides of normally un-editable buildings (i.e., apartments if you have City Living), as well as those in between meeting spaces that aren’t quite defied by a lot. There is also now a Build/Buy version also, as previous you could only utilize this amazing mod in live mod. This is definitely a mod that would be in the back pocket of any builder’s arsenal.

4. OMSP Shelf (The Red Shelf) by amoebae

Do you love clutter? Cos I do. I can’t get enough of the stuff. But sadly, The Sims 4 can it seems. Many a kitchen to bathroom or bedroom has been left under-cluttered because of the constraints on how many items you can put on a desk or tabletop. Well, no longer will your shelves feel bare with this mod! This little red shelf allows you to pile up as much clutter as your heart may desire, and with the move tools you simply raise the shelf to the spot you want, and then delete it. The items will remain on top of whatever item you placed it on. This us particularly good for putting items where the game won’t even let you, like on top of the fridge.

5. Memorable Events by KawaiiStacie

For a life simulator, The Sims 4 does lack a little in terms of life events. I mean, you can’t even do things like hold baby showers, go to prom, or even have a movie night! But with this mod, your world will open up! KawaiiStacie’s mod adds over 40 new social events to your game, to really help expand your sims world and aid in that all important story telling factors to the game. If your sims lives are a bit stale these days, then this is the mod for you.

6. Height Slider by GodJul1

One element I was really hoping for in the Sims 4, were heights. Sadly, we did not get it with the games release back in 2014 (among many other things *coughs* pools, babies, hot tubs *coughs*).  But as usual, The Sims 4 let us down. But MODDERS come to save the day! GodJul1’s Height slider essentially does what the name suggestions, provides you with the ability to change the height of your sims. While it can get a big ridiculous looking if you go too far one way or the other (due to the animations of the base game), doing even slight height adjustments can do so much for your immersion and storytelling.

7. Education Overhaul by adeepindigo

If you missed things like military school or private schools from previous Sims games, then it’s time to get this mod. This overhaul gives you so many new options when it comes to education in the Sims, from changing the way the career path operated, to adding in features like preschool. It also adds elements like working from home assignments, boarding schools and adding in detention. This is honestly such a great mod to create more drama and further storytelling in your games and takes some of the best bits from previous sims games too, to make this one hell of a worthwhile mod.

8. Melanin Pack 2 by Xmiramira

Another disappointing element of the Sims 4 is the lack of diversity options available. While The Sims team has admittedly done a bit to try and rectify this as of late, they arguably have not done as well as some of the amazing modders out there. Enter – Xmiramira’s incredible Melanin Pack mods. Melanin Pack 2 adds 54 skin tones, plus a new highlight and new blush that compliments these darker options and do they look incredible. Inclusivity should be paramount in a life simulation game and the fact that it took the Sims years to realize this, is honestly very disheartening. Thankfully, we have incredible creators out there like Xmiramira, to rectify this though with this incredible pack. (Honestly, how hasn’t the Sims team hired Mira yet!? HOW!?)

9. Simda Dating App by LittleMsSam

Tired of travelling all over town to find your sims one true love? Well, travel no longer, let those eligible bachelors come to you with this mod. Utilizing the in-game phone, you can find the new SimDa dating app option, and from there have a variety of options to chose from like a Blind Date or even a One Night stand. This is a very simple mod but honestly, adds so much fun to your game and can help create some great drama if you choose.

10. Color Sliders for Hair and Clothes by thepancake1 and MizoreYukii

Let’s all be honest here, one of the saddest elements of booting up the Sims 4 for the first time was seeing the lack of a colour wheel.  And while this mod doesn’t add it in entirely, it does allow for a greater level of customisation with an element that is already included in the game, sliders. This mod adds sliders to your hair and clothes options, and by adjusting the hue, saturation and brightness you can create all kinds of colours that the game normally doesn’t allow for. It sadly does not allow for elements like selecting certain areas like the Sims 3 did though. However, until The Sims 5, this might just have to tide you over for now!

So, that was my list of Must have Mods for The Sims 4!

Are there any other Must have Mods for The Sims 4 that I have missed? Comment them below!


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