7 Upgrades for your PC cheaper than getting a PS5

Recently the estimated price of the PS5 was announced, assumed to cost around 600 – 700 Australian dollars. Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of cash! You might be considering getting the console eventually when it’s released due to the exclusive games, or just so you can have the latest cool new thing. But consider this, imagine what else you could buy instead for your precious PC! Your old faithful, trusty PC who never lets you down. Sure, you might not be able to play the next Naughty Dog game, but RGB-ing your whole PC is a pretty tempting offer too. So, to help you weigh up your choices, here are 7 Upgrades for your PC cheaper than getting a PS5!

Upgrade that old Graphics Card

No matter what they do to the Play Station 5, with an amazing graphics card in your PC, there is no way whatever game you’re playing would look better on console. Yes, sadly, some exclusive games will never get the chance to shine on PC, but the ones that do get ported, BOY do they look good on PC! A new beefier graphics card can set you back a bit depending on which one you choose, but considering how many years you can get out if it, in my eyes it’s well worth it. On top of this, the recently announced NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series cards coming out soon are going for such a reasonable price, they basically sell themselves! Upgrading your Graphics Card will do wonders for your games and overall system performance, and it’s a great way to future-proof your PC for a good few years.

AMD Radeon 5700XT
source: Trusted Reviews

Tap in a new CPU

Similarly to your Graphics Card, this is a great future proofing idea. On top of this, due to especially AMD’s great value prices, upgrading your CPU is now cheaper than ever! Considering your CPU is so integral to your PC running smoothly, why put up with bottle necking when it’s really inexpensive and easy to upgrade. Going with Intel will set you back a bit more, but there are still some great options out there for far under the 600 – 700 dollar mark you’d be setting aside for a PS5, that’s for sure!

Get yourself some more POWER!

Recently, I had this very issue! My very average 450W power supply was causing bigger games to crash my system, so I upgraded to one of our very own ToughPower GF1 650W power supplies. Now, problem gone! Games are running nicely again, and my PC is much happier. Power supplies are pretty easy to set and forget, but if you are needing more power, you will definitely begin to notice them. Upgrading my wattage, but also swapping to a fully modular power supply, was a great investment for me and only set me back a couple hundred – not even CLOSE to the PS5’s price! I know Power supplies aren’t the most stylish upgrade, but if yours is failing, it’s well worth it.

Power SupplyShake up that Case

Now I can’t deny, the PS5 looks pretty damn sleek. But, your battered, old basic case can look just as good (if not better) with a case upgrade! There are some gorgeous cases out there that can make your PC look nice and fresh, without the need to fork out $700! Our very own Thermaltake S100 and H200 give off major PS5 vibes, and neither of those are any pricier than $200! Don’t forget how much a gorgeous new case can do for your PC setup, especially if your current case isn’t great in terms of airflow.


I mean look, I know some of you hate RGB and if this is you, feel free to scroll on downward. But, consider this – it can look pretty sweet. Upgrading your fans, RAM and even power supply with some gorgeous RGB lighting can add so much to your setup. The biggest benefit of RGB-ing your system, is you can make your system really feel uniquely yours. Choosing your favourite colours and lighting configurations can make your system stand out from the crowd, in a major way. This is in complete contrast to the PS5, where pretty much every system will look exactly the same.

Grab some Great Streaming Gear

You know one thing that is SUPER easy to do from your PC? Create content! While it is possible to stream directly from your console (and I’m assuming that will still be the case for the PS5), there is a reason most people don’t. Buying a good quality mic, webcam, and downloading a free streaming software like OBS, is a super easy way to get a great quality setup to produce content with. Depending on what items you get, most mid-range mics and webcams won’t set you back more than a couple hundred dollars. For a list of my personal favourite webcams and mics for content creation, check out the posts I did on them!

source: Video Conferencing Australia

Upgrade your Mouse and Keyboard

For something that is right in front of you while on your PC, it’s crazy how often we overlook our mouse and keyboard. We get crumbs all over them, neglect to dust them and maintain them, and then before you know it, two of your keys don’t work. So, why not splash some cash on the two things that literally enable you to even use your PC, by getting a new mouse and keyboard. Having a good quality mouse and keyboard can really change how you play games, or if you are someone who types a lot, ensures you can type efficiently. If you want a solid breakdown on specifically mechanical keyboard keys, you should check out our post on it HERE to see which one suits you. Don’t neglect your precious keyboard and mouse, they deserve some love too!

Level 20 KeyboardSo, there you go! 7 Upgrades for your PC cheaper than getting a PS5!

If you still want the PS5, whether it’s for the exclusives or just the clout, I can’t fault you. It does look like a cool console. But, don’t forget that your precious PC will be patiently waiting for you while you play with your shiny new toy. If you want to check out a video where we go through some FREE PC maintenance ideas, check out our YouTube video on it right HERE!


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