What Your PC Says About You – Part 2

Why yes, you read that title correctly, I am back for more like a greedy little child. After receiving no comments on the first post, After the rousing success of the first post, I’m back for another! So let us beat around the bush no longer, here are what your PC parts say about you, part deux!

Airflow Enthusiasts

Oh boy. These guys must be the most annoying group on the internet. Now I can’t hate them entirely because they have your best intentions in mind, but my goodness do you come across as incredibly preachy. If you’re in the Youtube comment section telling someone off for having a hot box of a system, just stop. I’m sure they already know. You’re just looking for reasons to get upset and flex your airflow knowledge.

Plus, if you’re so into airflow, how come you don’t apply it to the rest of your life then, hmm? Until I catch you at the mall wearing a mesh rave shirt, distressed jeans, and crocs for optimal airflow, don’t talk to me.

Funko Pop In the PC

Now the guy that does this, doesn’t have the money to upgrade his case with fancy aesthetics, so he pops in a Funko Pop and calls it a day. And while I respect the low-cost personalising, a Funko. Really?

Do you really want to make eye contact with those soulless black, beady voids every time you stare into your PC? Just get a plant by your monitor or something. Have some self-respect.

Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiasts

So, I’m not talking about your regular, run of the mill mechanical keyboard FPS gamer here. I’m talking about the real, hardcore keyboard enthusiasts. Like they consider the thing you use to type with, to be a hobby.

I’m gonna be honest. I have absolutely nothing to say about these people because they honestly kind of high key terrify me. What do you mean you have seven different keyboards that you cycle through, depending on how you’re feeling? What? Please don’t come find me keyboard boys.Level 20 Keyboard

Mouse with Macros

Sigh. Alright. You’re the guy who buys the gym membership on January 1st, only to never go and keeps putting off cancelling it. Because you know the only people who need this kind of mouse? MMO players. That’s it. So, be honest with yourself, you don’t even play MMO’s, why did you buy a mouse that has different 20 buttons on the side? They’re just gonna get in the way.

So do yourself a favour and check the warranty on that boy. Maybe you can still return it and get a normal, regular mouse while you still can.

1000w+ PSU

Look. I almost don’t need to say anything here, you already know what I’m about to ask. It’s the very same question you ask yourself in the mirror after every time you see that thing in your case. Why did you buy that? You have a 1660 Super. I haven’t seen an investment this ill considered since you decided you were going to start collecting gosh darn Funko’s, only to stop at seven because you finally realised, they’re actually kind of bad.

So, was I on the money? Did you feel personally attacked?

As with the first post, please remember that we’re just having a good time here! Don’t go throwing out your precious Funko’s just because I think they’re kind of smelly.

If you’d like to check out anything else I’ve written, be sure to let me know down in the comment section below! Also, remember to check out the rest of our Tech posts here, or head over to our YouTube channel for more awesome content from us!


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