How to get one of the new NVIDIA GPUs (sorta)

Ok, so normally I would post a Round Up about now, but we have been so busy and writing that takes time that I haven’t had this past month. So, without further ado here is a filler post I have come up with. This is 5 ways to get your hands on one of the new NVIDIA GPUs (sorta).

1. Get up at a ridiculous time to hopefully get your order in

A lot of places offer pre-orders when stock is due to come back in. But often this happens either in the middle of the night or the early hours of the morning. Your best bet is to follow as many of their social media accounts as possible and keep track of when these will happen so you can be ready. But be prepared to be very tired the next day if you somehow manage to get one. Spamming the refresh button at 4am for ten minutes can be tiresome – and the price doesn’t help either.

source: AnandTech

2. Pay through your teeth to a scalper

If a 4am start isn’t on the cards for you, then this is a slightly more convenient option – but arguably less ethical. Scalpers are people who have purchased excessive amounts of a product with the purpose of purely reselling it for a higher price than they purchased it. So, while scalpers often don’t require you to get up at all hours of the night, you will more than likely have to pay a whole lot more than you would getting it from a retailer.

3. Buy a pre-built PC that has a new GPU in it

One of the most cost-efficient ways to get one of the most sought-after GPUs going around, is to get it in a pre-built. It’s better for many companies to sell a GPU in a pre-built than on its own, so you might find buying a whole PC is far better on your wallet and for your sleep schedule. The main new NVIDIA GPUsdownside is if you already have a PC, you will find yourself with 2 PCs, one of which doesn’t have a graphics card. But reselling is always an option of course.

4. Wait for a second hand one to come online

If spamming the refresh buttons on websites is your thing, then you can try your luck on second hand websites like Ebay, Facebook Marketplace and even Gumtree if you’re here in Australia. But of course, the odds of one popping up is pretty slim and even less so at a reasonable price.

5. Accept that you’re probably not going to get one this year, assume the fetal position and cry

The first step to healing, is acceptance. Or you could try and sell a kidney? You do you boo.

Well, there were 5 ways to get your hands on one of the new NVIDIA GPUs (sorta).

Was this blog almost entirely useless? Yes. Did I have fun writing it? Not really, I am very busy right now. Did you enjoy reading it? Probably not as you were thinking I was going to spill all the industry secrets (there isn’t any, the first 3 are basically the only ways to be honest). See you in 2 weeks time for the May RoundUp.

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