PC Tech Memes and Their Origins

In my last blog post, I defined some common tech words to help out the newbies. But that got me thinking. There are also memes within the PC Tech world that I also think are worth explaining. So, here are 5 PC Tech memes and their origins. So, now you won’t seem silly during your next Discord call with all your fellow PC gamer friends.

1. The Verge’s PC Build

If someone compares your PC build to that of the Verge’s PC build,  it’s not a good thing I’m afraid (and, also maybe check that you’ve done everything in your build correctly). This refers to a long deleted how to build video published by The Verge. Unfortunately, though, this build video was filled with incorrect information, and proceeded to be lampooned by many Tech Tubers soon after its release. Now the only way to view it is through other channels which have re-uploaded or re-acted to it.

source: DailyMotion Darknigh71

2. Download more RAM

You cannot download more RAM. Ever.

The origin of this meme goes way back to 2004. A user named SpcMs started a thread asking where they could download more RAM for their PC. After a similar question popped up again in 2005, it was pretty quickly cemented as a certified PC Tech meme, with even a domain name registered at in 2007, claiming that this is where to go to download more RAM.

Of course, RAM is a physical thing that you insert into your motherboard. The more RAM sticks you have, the more short term memory your PC has access to help run your programs smoother, especially resource heavy programs like editing software. You cannot download it, and often the people who are saying it are indeed the people who know that. So, if your tech minded pal tells you to download more RAM when your PC is slow, don’t fall for the trap!

3. PC Master Race

The origin of the phrase “PC Master Race” goes back to a video from the popular Zero Punctuation series on YouTube. The phrase was actually originally coined as an insult, lampooning the sorts of people who believe one platform is superior to the other. But of course, some people decided to wear it as a badge of honour instead. Anyone who deems themselves part of the “PC Master Race” just basically believes PCs to be the superior choice over other options like consoles, due to the other sorts of options available to PC players such as mods.

source: Know your meme

4. Alt F4

Imagine this scene with me now if you will:

Person 1 is new to PCs, playing a game for the first time with some friends. They ask, “Hey, how do I do that attack again?”

Person 2 decides to be cheeky and ‘gettem good’ by saying, “Just press alt and then F4.”

Person 1 does so and their entire game closes.

End scene.

Honestly though, this is the sort of atrocity that this post aims to stop. If someone ever tells you to press alt and F4 to fix something, unless the fix is actually to get out of the program, do not do it. Alt+F4 is a key combination all across Windows programs that will effectively kill whatever program you are in. It’s great if a program is crashing or having errors and you need to get out quick, but apart from that, keep away from this deadly key combo.

5. Turn it off and on again

This is a phrase long associated with technology, and for good reason. The origin of this phrase as far as I can tell is from the popular ITV show, The IT Crowd. One of the main characters who works in IT Support frequently used this phrase when answering their tech support line, and he honestly he has a point. Quite often, simply turning off and on again whatever is having a problem will fix it, so despite it feeling like a jab, give it a whirl next time you are having an issue – it might just fix it.

So, there were 5 PC Tech memes and their origins.

Were there any that I missed? Feel free to share and explain them below to save someone from a very embarrassing Discord call.


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