Scary Moments in games that Absolutely made me Poop myself

When you sit down to play a horror game, you expect some spooks. After all, that’s the whole point of a horror game, right? Well, sometimes developers like to get clever and add some absolutely pants wetting moments into games that are entirely not in the horror genre at all, catching you completely off guard! So, here are 5 scary moments in games that absolutely made me poop myself, entirely because I was not expecting it. (And of course, there will be spoilers in this post, so be warned!)

1. Boy of Silence Jump Scare

This moment in Bioshock Infinite truly lives rent free in my mind due to how out of the blue it was. After navigating the eerie location that is Comstock house, trying your best not to caught by the creepy boys of silence guarding a lot of the area, you make your way to a console and think you’re in the clear. After pulling the lever, it’s time to head off so you turn around and find yourself face to face with a boy of silence who immediately sounds his alarm, making a piercing scream before disappearing. The way this scene just comes out of nowhere absolutely makes it, and even though I know it’s coming, it still gets me every time.

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2. We don’t go there anymore

First of all, if you still haven’t played Valve’s incredible Half Life 2, then what are you doing? This is by far one of the best games that have ever been released and deserve every moment of your play time. About a quarter of the way through the game, you find yourself cut off from your allies and force to traverse through a city called “Ravenholm”. The only thing you know about it at the moment of your arrival is your new pal Alyx says it a place they don’t go anymore, and you very quickly discover why. Head crabs (this worlds’ zombie virus type carriers) have taken over, and most of the population are now walking, screaming, hostile zombies. This entire area is just one giant horror fest tucked into the middle of a pretty standard (but still amazing) action sci fi game, and it’s incredible.

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3. Pickman Gallery

There are a couple of ways to start this unsettling mission in Fallout 4. Whether by picking it up from walking with Hancock in Good Neighbour, or just simply wandering into the Pickman Gallery location itself. Either way, you find yourself in the gallery building that is not only swarming with raiders, but also covered in the owner, Pickman’s somewhat questionable art. The art of course, is an array of mutilated corpses, as well as some very alarmingly dark paintings. After you clear the place, you might eventually find the man himself, Pickman, who is a serial killer who turns the people who he has killed into his art pieces. This entire location is just incredibly eerie and is something you’d expect in a Resident Evil or Outlast game and not in an adventure series like Fallout.

source: Nexus Mods

4. Gone Home

This game does an incredible job at setting the mood, so much so I spent so much of it wondering when the horrifying creature would jump out of the walls and try and get me. That never happened of course, because this is not a horror game at all, but boy did it take me on a journey. The game is effectively a walking simulator, detailing a highly intricate story about relationships through interacting with objects and notes. But it is in its design that the spooky feelings really come through and it was honestly an incredible ride. If you haven’t picked up this indie game because you weren’t sure if it was scary or not, you should do it anyway!

source: Steam

5. Skyrim’s Haunted House

Rounding out my list, I have to go with the Haunted House quest in Skyrim. When I was younger, I would avoid doing this quest because I couldn’t get over how creepy it was. And while now I will begrudgingly do it when entering Markarth, it still gives me the heeby geebies. This quest revolves around helping a Vigiliant of Stendarr remove the evil presence inside an abandoned house. Very quickly things turn sour as a terrifying unseen voice harasses you both. It throws furniture around, and eventually forcing the two of you into a duel. Later, you discover a giant shrine where Molag himself gives you some rather villainous tasks. This entire quest is pretty grim, and as a usually a person who usually plays a very noble and good Dragonborn, this quest is quite the opposite and quite unsettling at that.

source: TheGamer

So, there were my list of are 5 scary moments in games that absolutely made me poop myself, entirely because I was not expecting it!

What are some scary moments in games in non horror games that I missed? Tell me below! And before you click away, why not check out our other great gaming related posts HERE. Or, head on over to our YOUTUBE channel to see even more great content from us!


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