Favourite LGBTQI+ Video Games

It’s June, which means its Pride month! And to celebrate pride, I wanted to list some of my personal favourite LGBTQI+ video games! In particular these games will feature LGBTQI+ characters, stories or themes. So, if you are looking for a game which features some awesome LGBTQI+ postivitiy, this is the list for you!

The Life is Strange Series

You can’t possibly write a list of LGBTQI+ video games and not include the Life is Strange series on it. The series as a whole explores a lot! Including relationships and family drama all combined with the awesomeness that is magic powers. On top of this, is also has a lot of LGBTIQ+ characters. For this post, I’m mainly going to reference the first game in the series as that’s the one I have had the most experience with. Honestly, the relationship between best friends Max and Chloe is so well done. It is up to you whether they pursue a romantic relationship, but either way the relationship between the girls is incredibly well written. If you want to check out a catalogue of really cool games that also deal with these themes in a really well done way, then definitely check out any of the Life is Strange games.

source: Polygon

Gone Home

Gone Home is one of those games I didn’t realise how great it was until I had finished it. And then proceeded to not stop thinking about it, even many years later. It was a game that popped up on my PlayStation 4 store for free, and honestly, what a story. Gone Home is a story told through the notes and messages left behind as you walk through an empty house. As the game progresses you slowly piece everything together as you explore the varied environments. There is some awesome representation in this game as well, integrated in a way that is superbly done. Definitely a game to boot up if you just want something chill this pride month.

source: Steam

The Dragon Age and Mass Effect Games

What is there to say about the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series that hasn’t already been said… on this blog… mainly by me. One of my favourite things about both of these serieses is the awesome representation they both have. Especially considering at the first games in each series did come out a while ago! There is a plethora of different characters that you can romance and a variety of different sexualities these characters have. Earlier games feature bisexual characters like Zevran and Liliana in the Dragon Age series, as well as the amazing Liara in Mass Effect. Another standout LGBTQI+ character from the Dragon Age series in my opinion is Dorian who is just a 10/10. So, if you want to find a sprawling narrative adventure with some adorable romance options on the side, then any of the games in these two franchises are perfect for you.

source: US Gamer

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is likewise a game where you are not held back in terms of gender. In this farming game, you have a variety of different villagers you can romance – regardless of gender. So, that means you can romance whoever the heck you want. On top of this, your character can present however the heck you want them to appearance wise. Stardew Valley is just a chill game was really positive vibes and something we need more of these days. It is also certainly far more than a farming simulator, so if you somehow STILL haven’t checked this gem out, then now is the time.

The Last of Us – Left Behind DLC

The Last of Us is a series that has made many a dry eye wet, and The Last of Us’s DLC Left Behind is no different. This is a short DLC set just before the first game, which sees Ellie hiding from infected in a run-down mall. She’s there with Riley, a girl she has run away with. As the DLC progresses, Ellie and Riley’s relationship grows, resulting in the sweetest kiss in a photobooth (like honestly, they were so darn cute!). But, be warned if you choose to boot this up. After all, if you have played the main game, you will know this sadly won’t have a happy ending. So, just make sure you have some cheeky tissues handy, if you decide to pop this one into the Play Station.

source: Polygon

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

I mean who doesn’t want a dating simulator where you get to choose from a bunch of awesome dads? Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a super fun game that has a lot more depth to it than many people think it would. You play as a single dad who has a variety of bachelors in the new town you move to, who you could potentially date. At first, I thought this was the sort of Interactive visual novel that was making fun of the genre, but it actually turned out to be a really sweet game. So, you want something light cute and fluffy this is definitely one to look at. (Especially if you just played The Last of Us DLC!)

source: Forbes

The Sims

The Sims series as a whole for many no doubt, was the first introduction to the concept of different genders or sexual orientations. In even as far back as The Sims 2 you could have same gendered couples, and The Sims continues to be an incredibly progressive series. In the latest in each series, The Sims 4, it is not only possible to marry same gendered sims, but also to use different pronouns, dress more masculine or feminine despite your sims’ gender, and a whole bunch of other customisation options that can allow players to truly represent themselves in the game. And of course, mods also exist, and there is an incredibly talented modders out there have also made even more ways to be inclusive so that every simmer can find themselves in this game.

So that was my list of my favourite LGBTQI+ Video Games!

(Also, just wanted to lastly shout out to some other LGBTQI+ games I’ve heard are great but haven’t checked out yet myself. Which are: Celeste, If Found and Tell Me Why.)

If there are any LGBTQI+ Video Games that I missed that you recommend, share them below. Also, feel free to check out some of our other gaming blog posts here, or check out some of our other content over on our YouTube Channel.


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