Games releasing in 2023 I’m looking forward to!

2022 is reaching its end, so it’s time to think to the year that will be 2023. While the blog goes on a much-needed break for the next few weeks, we thought we’d finish the year by talking about our most anticipated PC titles releasing in the new year. So, here are 5 games releasing in 2023 I’m looking forward to!

1. Forspoken

Releasing January 24 2023, Square Enix’s upcoming RPG looks incredibly curious. The game centres around Grey Holland, who is transported from New York City to a fantastical world known as Athia. The game has everything that I look for in a game. An expansive gorgeous open world, a narrative driven adventure and a really impressive magic system reportedly featuring over 100 spells! While I’ve never super been into Square Enix titles, this might be the one that wins me over due to its incredible unique take on the RPG genre.

source: GamesRadar

2. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

If I didn’t need more reasons to look forward to this game, the Game Awards somehow gave me another. This game will feature Kevin Conroy’s iconic Batman, and after the actor’s passing in 2022, this just fills my little Batman loving heart with joy. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League looks like everything I loved about the Rocksteady Arkham series, with now the heroes of our story being the rag tag bunch known as the Suicide Squad. Because in this case, the Justice League are in fact the bad guys! Ploooottt twwwiiist! The game had been originally slated for 2022, but like a few other titles on this list, it was delayed. Fingers crossed this is the last delay though, as I am SO ready for this game!

source: Windows Central

3. The Wolf Among Us 2

Anyone who knows me for more than fifty seconds knows how much I am frothing for this game. The Wolf Among Us was my introduction to Telltale Games and it continues to be my absolute favourite game of its kind. The story of Bigby, Snow and the other Fables of New York just blew me away and even now, years later, I still adore it. So, of course, after all that went down at Telltale, I almost didn’t expect it to ever exist. Until the Game Awards 2019 came along, and I was proven wrong! While we don’t know too much about the sequel yet, it will continue on from the events of the first game, with the original actors of Bigby and Snow even returning. Hopefully, we see more trailers of the game in the coming months, or else I’ll explode!

source: Epic Games

4. Starfield

The second game on my list that’s making another appearance after last year, is Bethesda’s long awaited Starfield. As any frequent reader of the blog will know, I am a big RPG player. I grew up playing Elder Scrolls games, with Oblivion in particular holding a very special place in my heart. So, after years of waiting and Skyrim release after Skyrim release, I was very much looking forward to Bethesda’s next title. Until they delayed it.

Well, fingers crossed that 2023 finally brings with it this space action-adventure RPG as really, that’s still all we really know about it. It will be set in a different solar system and take place in 2310, where we play as a space explorer. And that’s it, that’s all we know despite the game having been being worked on reportedly as early as 1994. Let’s just hope this isn’t another No Mans Sky or Cyberpunk 2077 situation.

source: Forbes

5. Hogwarts Legacy

Rounding out my list is another game from last years list (I’m beginning to sense a pattern here). As I mentioned last year, an RPG set in Hogwarts has been something I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid. The closest we ever got were the Harry Potter games, which never quite fell into the RPG category though. Queue, this game! I adore that it’s not directly set during Harry’s time at school, allowing yourself to cultivate your own story. It also has the added effect of taking the elements about Harry Potter that fans enjoy, without it being constrained due to having to fit within the timeline of the books and films.

That being said, the most detrimental element of this game is its unfortunate tie to the author of the world itself, which does mean any purchase of this game will trickle down to them. So, do keep that in mind if you weren’t aware of that fact already.

source: ScreenHub Entertainment

So, that was a list of 5 games releasing in 2023 I’m looking forward to.

Will any of these actually release in 2023? Well, only time will tell. What games releasing in 2023 are you looking forward to? Share them in the comments below! Keep tabs on our YouTube channel while we are on break for more content from us!


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