10 Things I’ve learnt from working in the PC Tech Industry

I’ve now been working in the tech world for over three years. In that time though, I have learnt a lot about PC tech in general and might have picked up some tips and tricks that you might not know. So, here are 10 Things I’ve learnt from working in the PC Tech Industry.

1. It’s OK to feel dumb

There’s a lot of tech jargon and wording that a newbie will just never understand. Like, reading out the names of motherboards, CPUs and Graphics cards for example. A newbie wouldn’t know to read “RTX 4090” as “RTX 40-90”. They could well just say “RTX Four-Thousand-and-ninty.” And if you did, I don’t blame you. Don’t feel bad if when you first start in the world of technology, especially PC technology, that you feel stupid sometimes. Everyone has to start somewhere after all.

2. Ask questions, a LOT of questions

I have never been shy about asking questions. (Well, that’s a lie, when I was really young I just never spoke period, but after I grew out of that.) If you feel the need to preface said question with “this might sound dumb” to own it, then go for it. But regardless, never feel bad for asking people around you with more experience and knowledge than you for their opinion or an explanation. Most people will be excited more than anything to get to talk about the thing they love and help you to love it too.

3. You will make mistakes

One of my earliest blog posts back in 2019, I remember feeling so awful about. I was still learning about the world of tech, and I made a post explaining something I thought I understood. Well, the internet was quick to tell me I didn’t. I lost a lot of confidence after that and didn’t want to write many tech posts at all for a long while. But I picked myself up and kept learning. Knowing and admitting to yourself that sometimes you will be wrong is OK and learning from your mistakes is just as important as acknowledging them.

4. The Internet is a cruel, cruel place

I’ve been told I’m ugly, overweight, stupid, untrustworthy – even that I need to go get my NAILS done. But once you realise that these words just don’t matter, and don’t base your self-worth of them, it truly removes all their power. The internet will be a shitty place, nothing can change that. But you can change the way you let it affect you.

5. Helping others is so rewarding

It was one thing to learn the ropes of PC Technology myself, but another to impart what I’ve learned to others. One way to really know if you’ve learnt something is to be able to explain it confidently to someone else. Through new team members and people online who I’ve helped, it’s awesome to know that the hard work I’ve put in can also benefit other people. It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling, and it feels like I am being for them, the person I needed when I first started out.

6. Don’t be afraid to forge your own path

When I started, my role was tiny. But I managed to almost create my own place within the company. I created a podcast, developed a unique style of script writing that has influenced the voice of our entire YouTube channel, and made a plethora of connections with incredibly talented content creators that we had never met before. I did all of that because I decided I wanted to. So, if there’s an area you want to explore but don’t know how, just do it. You never know, it might turn out to be the right path for you.

7. Content Creators are people too

I was incredibly nervous when I first had to reach out to Tech content creators to work with. Whether it was just a simple appearance on the podcast, or to send a product, I was a nervous wreck before pressing the send button. But, after a while, the nerves dissipated, and was due to one major reason. I realised that they are all just people doing a job, just like me. Therefore, I had no reason to be nervous or intimidated by them, because they are no different than I am. Once you remember that the people on the other side of the email are just that, people, it helps a lot with that email anxiety.

8. People will never be happy with your PC Hardware Selections

I don’t think we’ve done a single PC build video where someone hasn’t complained about at least ONE of the pieces of hardware we used. From things like: “You should have picked this card!” to, “why did you mount your fans like that?”, there is always some complaint from someone who seems to think they could have done it better. Almost every time they can’t.

9. There is a LOT of misinformation out there

Another irritating part about PC technology, is how something can spread like wildfire. And unfortunately, this can sometimes be incorrect information. Take for example the AIO tubes up or down debate. It seemed many people just watched the cliff notes version of that video and decided that ANY orientation other than the optimal would lead to CATASTROPHIC results. But that just isn’t true. However, a few misinterpreted opinions, have led that to almost become a new truth when it just simply isn’t. Even videos coming out since that saying how untrue it is, isn’t enough to stop it. So, if you’re new and doing research for the first time, always remember to take things with a grain of salt and ALWAYS use multiple sources.

10. The PC Technology Community has some of the most passionate members I’ve ever seen

And it’s because of that, I both love them and fear them all at once (and I AM one!).

So, those were 10 Things I’ve learnt from working in the PC Tech Industry.

If you want to see proof of my working in the PC Tech Industry, feel free to head over to our YouTube channel. Or, if you’re more of a “proof is in the pudding” kinda person, read the rest of our tech posts and I hope I have done you proud dear reader.


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