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You know how there are foods you just don’t like? Like no matter how many times you try it, it just results in you fighting back the urge to gag? Yeah, well there are some video games that give me the same experience sadly. Many of these I’ve tried multiple times, and I’m sure some I will try again after a while. But for the moment, here are 7 games I can’t get into, no matter how hard I try.

Soulslike Games

I get the appeal, I really do. I mean who doesn’t want to spend their free time being pummelled to death over and over again by a giant man five times your size, right? While the style of almost every single From Software Soulslike game has appealed to me, the game play and combat just doesn’t. I’m not the hugest fans of boss fights at the best of times, and Soulslike games are just swarming with them. I’m also just a big fan of playing on lower difficulties just so I can enjoy the story, and from the sounds of it, much of the fun of beating these games comes from how hard they are. So, I think I’m going to stick to the occasional Drunk Souls, and just watching and admiring the art style of these sorts of games for the time being.

source: Gamespot YouTube

Nintendo Games

Before you get your pitch forks, I have nothing against Nintendo. I just personally did not grow up with Nintendo products. The first Nintendo product we had as children was a Nintendo DS Lite, and that was only to play Nintendogs! While I know others who grew up with games like Zelda and Pokemon, the world of Nintendo was an incredibly strange one to me. And I think because of that, even after trying many times as an adult, I just don’t get the hype. I’ve played 2 Zelda games, 2 Pokemon games and tried 3 different consoles, still can’t get into it. I’m sorry Nintendo fans, I think I’ll just leave it to you.

source: Games Radar

The Borderlands Series

To this day, it saddens me that I can’t get into the Borderlands series. I like so many aspects of it too. The story, the world, the characters, the style. But there’s just something that doesn’t grab me, and it’s enough to make me disinterested in playing them as a whole. Oddly enough though, the spin off Telltale Game Tales from the Borderlands absolutely blew me away and it’s now my second favourite Telltale Game, so who even knows at this point.

source: Microsoft

Rainbow Six: Siege

My least favourite game mode in old school COD was always Search and Destroy. Too much pressure for me. Rainbow Six: Siege is basically Search and Destroy as the whole game. I like the addition of the operations though and the way that even if you aren’t the best shot, you can still help the team through other means. But in all seriousness, my blood pressure could never.


ANY fighting game (Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat)

For as angry as a person, I am at times, I’m just not angry enough to beat up a random person with no real reason other than we’re supposed to. That being said, I do really enjoy Mortal Kombat’s Fatality animations, so it’s absolutely nothing to do with the actual violence. Fighting games have just always been something that never tickles my fancy.

source: USGamer

Racing Games (Grand Turismo, Forza)

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a game that has a good driving mechanic. Give me GTA, Mafia, Saints Row any time of the week. But when Driving is all I can do, nope, I’m out. For as gorgeous as some of these games have started to look (I’m looking at you newer Forza Horizon games), the fact that they are so limited to being stuck in your car AND the fact that everything in the story is also just related to racing your cars often, just doesn’t do it for me sadly.

source: Xbox

So, there were 7 games I can’t get into, no matter how hard I try.

Are there any games or types of games you just can’t get into? Share them in the comments below. And hey, before you drive away, why not check out any of our other awesome games posts, or head over to our YouTube channel to see even more awesome content from the TTANZ team.


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