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There is a LOT of information out there for people trying to get into PC building. But that does also mean there is a lot of misinformation too! So, these posts aim to clear that up for anyone looking for the RIGHT answers to some common PC Tech myths. Welcome to PC Tech Mythbusters Part 3 – RAM Edition Let’s get started in busting RAM myths!

1. You can mix and match RAM speeds

This is technically true you can. Will it work? Not really. Essentially your RAM will default to the lower speed of the two. So, if you have two sticks at 3200MHZ and also add two more sticks at 3600MHZ all four will end up running at the lower speed of the two.

2. You don’t have to use the same brand for all of your RAM sticks

While this is also true, for optimal performance you do need to match some of the specifications up. You want to ensure that the timings are identical or extremely close (I’m talking like super close) and you’ll want to match the speed as well as in MHZ. So, while you can mix brands of your RAM it can be a bit of feat to pull off and it’s generally just easier to just stick with the same brand and specific model .

3. You always should run with 64gbs

Unless you’re editing 4k videos, chances are you will be perfectly fine with 16gbs. Most systems have 16 gigabytes in them today which is perfectly capable for gaming and some multimedia work. However if you are a videographer or editor, yes 64gbs is more like what you’d probably want to edit 4k footage comfortably. So no you don’t need to run with four sticks, most users will be very comfortable with 16gb.

4. RAM isn’t as important as other components

Now this is half true and half not. While yes ensuring you have a decent CPU or motherboard can mean the difference between your pc running smoothly or chugging along like a tractor if you neglect your ram you may begin to notice performance drops. This is especially true if you run big resource heavy programs like the adobe suite or 3d rendering software. So while having less ram or slower ram can be fine for just gaming if you’re wanting to use these sorts of heavy software or even stream you’ll find neglecting your ram will cause you quite a few headaches.

5. RGB RAM = equals fast RAM

Alright, I’m going to level with you on this one… sadly RGB does not make RAM go any faster. I know it’s a tough one to hear but RGB really doesn’t do anything for your PC performance wise, but it can do a whole bunch for your builds aesthetic. If you look at where your RAM is located it’s pretty much smack bang in the centre of your system, so adding some extra bling to your RAM can do a whole lot for your builds looks. But if that isn’t a factor for you then you will miss out on zero performance benefits if you opt for non-rgb RAM.

So, that was busting RAM Myths!

I hope this was able to clear up some common misconceptions about RAM. Do you want to help with busting RAM myths? Leave a comment below and share it! And while you’re still here, why not check out the rest of our Tech Mythbusters Series, or head over to our YouTube channel to see this blog post in video form!


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