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I’m going to be honest with you. 2022 wasn’t the greatest year for games for me. A lot of the games I was looking forward to never saw the light of day, most being delayed to 2023 and beyond. So, I figured I’m just going to talk about some of my favourite games I played in 2022 regardless of their release year. Here are some great games I loved playing last year.

1. Rimworld

This is a game that will probably make this type of list for the rest of time, as Rimworld is without a doubt one of my favourite games of all time. This game is honestly more than just a colony sim. It is filled to the brim with personality, and no two colonies will be the same, no matter how hard you might try. Whether you want to play as a quiet settlement just trying to make friends, or as an organ harvesting cult, the only real limit is your imagination. On top of just the standard version, Rimworld also has 3 amazing DLCs and a plethora of mods well worth looking through. There is a reason I have over 250 hours in this game, and those hours are gonna keep on climbing!

2. Stardew Valley

In my Steam replay for 2022, this was officially my most played game. I got MAJORLY back into Stardew Valley in 2022, and for good reason! This is by far one of the best farming simulator games out there, and I wouldn’t even really call it that. Stardew Valley has so much to offer all sorts of gamers. If you love crafting, this has something for you; If you love relationship simulators, this has something for you. If you love exploring and cutting down enemies, believe it or not, this has something for you. I’ve recommended this game to 3 people so far who would have never played it had I not recommended it. And all three fell in love with it. So, that’s 3 for 3 gamers, who am I converting next?

source: Evanz111 (YouTube)

3. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

This is a game that has been on my radar for a long time, but for one reason or another I never picked it up. Until 2022. Vampire honestly took over my life for the month or so I played through it. Despite the slightly dated graphics and gameplay, the intricate world building and characters in this title truly make this a game worth trying still. If you’re an RPG fan, honestly this game is well worth it!  And plus, while we wait for the sequel, this is good way to get some extra background information. One recommendation I do have though, be a brawler/shooter class. I made the mistake of trying to go for a stealth/hacker type character and by the end, boy was that painful.

source: Steam

4. Overwatch 2

Look, I’m as surprised as you that this game is on here. Overwatch 2 truly did bring the people back to Overwatch, with a bunch of new characters and maps. However, despite that, it did leave a bit to be desired. Like, where’s my STORY MODE BLIZZARD!? Anyway. Despite that, it was nice to get back into the Blizzard hero shooter. The new maps are gorgeous and creative, and remind me of some of the great map design from earlier released provided. The new characters feel fresh and are very welcome after a long time of nothing new. Finally, the design of new skins and other customisation elements are a BIG setup from the quality we saw towards the end of Overwatch’s run. Just a shame about the ludicrous price tags though.

source: Polygon

5 Houseflipper

I can understand why on paper some people would think this game boring. It’s the sort of title to pop on some great tracks and zone out to. But with the way the world is these days, that sounds like heaven to me. I finally picked up Houseflipper in a sale, and I had a lot of fun with it for the time I played. It was fun to just zone out and fix up some homes in serious need of repair. The ‘story’ mode (if you can even call it that) was relatively short though, but I Imagine that might be rectified if you have some of the DLC titles. This is a great game for people who love building in other titles like The Sims and even something like Minecraft. Featuring simple and effective gameplay features that actually make you feel like you renovated a real house… without like, all the actual effort of course.

source: Xbox

6 Enderal: Forgotten Stories

If you’ve never heard of this title before, that’s fair enough. It’s actually technically not a game in and of itself, it’s technically a mod for Skyrim. That being said, this is a lot more than just a mod to give yourself outrageously big boobs. This mod is a total overhaul of the Bethesda classic, taking you to a whole new world. The titular Enderal is a gorgeous location, with a sprawling landscape filled with vastly different areas. This is in contrast to Skyrim which kind of had well 2… snowy forest and not snowy forest. The game also features a plethora of great characters, with your main companions Jespar and Kali the biggest stand outs. Every character is fully voiced and a lot also have deep lore and backstories. If you’re waiting for Starfield and have that Bethesda RPG itch, definitely check this mod out. It’s free, as long as you own Skyrim.

source: Steam

So, those were my favourite games I played in 2022. Featuring a grand total of 1 that actually released in 2022.

2023 is shaping up to be a great year for new games so fingers crossed my next list is a little more current. Feel free to share your favourite games of 2022 in the comments below. Arbitrary YouTube link for SEO.


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