7 of my Favourite Thermaltake PC Cases

To celebrate the release of the ARGB edition of our award-winning View 71 Tempered Glass case, I thought I’d count down 7 of my personal favourite Thermaltake PC Cases. These are of course, all my opinion, and they are also in no particular order. Hopefully this post can aid you in that tough choice of which case to choose for your build.


S500 TG Mid-Tower Case

This case is classified as a mid-tower, but it is on the larger side, with lots of space for customising inside. It has a very sleek, sophisticated finish and would for sure suit a builder who wants a more professional looking build. This case looks a lot like the next case I’m going to mention, but this one is made with steel – this makes it a little kinder on the wallet.


A500 Aluminum Tempered Glass Edition Mid Tower Case

As I mentioned previously, this chassis looks similar to the S500, but this one has one huge difference, it’s made with aluminum.  One of the winners of the 2019 iF Product Design awards, this case has a similar smooth, stylish look like the S500, with the bonus of an aluminum case. The main draw of aluminum is that it is mostly water, and corrosive resistant. And not to mention it has a slick futuristic look. It is also important to mention though, that this case will set you back a little more than the S500. This is mainly due to the use of aluminum which is more expensive to use as its stronger than steel. This is one of our most popular cases, and for good reason!


Core P5 TG V2 Black Edition

This is my favourite Thermaltake open-frame case. Overall, I am just entirely obsessed with how stunning it looks. And completing the look with some RGB fans or an awesome custom liquid cooling system, can make this case shine. This case is also incredibly ideal for modders, who are wanting to do very specific modifications. This is due to being compatible with 3D printed parts, through the 3DMarkers site. This case is a PC modders dream and looks incredibly effective looking.


Level 20 XT

The favourite mini case for this list AND also my favourite of the Level 20 series cases. I just find this case overall very aesthetically pleasing, and I don’t often like the look of most mini cases. This case is also awesome because even though it’s smaller, you don’t really miss out too much due the size. You are still able to fit an E-ATX size motherboard, as well as a full custom liquid cooling set up. It’s basically the TARDIS of cases – deceptively large. It also has four 4mm tempered glass panels. And I’m not sure if you can tell already, but I’m a fan of lots of glass panels on cases.


Commander C36 TG ARGB Edition

The way the RGB lights shine through the mesh front panel, make this the standout for me in the commander series. I love how versatile all the commander cases are though overall. You can spice them up and fill them to the brim with RGB goodness, or tone them down and make it more sophisticated and professional if you prefer. It’s also very simple to do this, even just being able to change the RGB with the click of a button on the outside the case.  Overall, this case to me, is one of the kings of versatility.


H200 TG Snow RGB

I might be a little bias because this was the first cases I ever built with, but I adore this case. I just found it very easy and simple to build in for the first time as everything fit nice and snug. The case is perfect for a first-time builder or someone who wants something simple and effective without anything too over the top. The case is deceptively spacious and comes with a nice RGB strip at the front for a dash of colours. It’s also a super pretty white case, which aren’t really made all that often, so it’ll definitely stand out! It’s also a very wallet friendly price.


View 71 Tempered Glass ARGB Edition

Of course, to finish up the list, we return to where it began. The View 71 is another of our most popular cases, but sadly when this award-winning case came out, it didn’t come with ARGB fans. Well now it does, and boy are they gorgeous! This case is a fantastic option for those of us who love the look of the View 71, but also love making our cases as full of RGB goodness as possible. This is another incredibly versatile case, with four glass panels and tons of space for customisation. You can make this case blindingly colourful, or incredibly professional looking, and it will easily steal the show either way.



What are some of you guy’s favourite Thermaltake cases? Pop them in the comments down below and let us know!


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