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Being a gamer can be a pretty big investment. From the hours you put into playing a game to improve, to the fancy new custom-built PC you’re using. A big part of gaming is the equipment you use. Whether it’s specific PC components or a certain headset, everyone has their preferences. So, if you’re in the market for some new Thermaltake gaming gear, I thought I’d ask around the Thermaltake offices, and see what we recommend ourselves!

Name: Sarah (Discord: McGee)

 Position: Video host and writer

Favourite Multiplayer game: I’m not a huge Multiplayer gamer, but the one I’ve put the most hours in is probably Overwatch

Favourite role: Support; mainly Ana, Mercy and Zen

Favourite Thermaltake Product to game with: The Dasher Flow Extended Mouse pad

Why: I move my mouse around soo much when I game and having a large mouse pad basically prevents me from running it off the pad and onto the desk. When you’re in an intense moment in competitive, its nice to not have to worry about my character suddenly not moving because I’ve gone off the surface!

Name: Taylor (Discord: Haltbolt)

Position: Social Media & PR Coordinator

Favourite Multiplayer game: APEX: Legends

Favourite Character: Bangalore

Favourite Thermaltake Product to game with: The Iris RGB Gaming Mouse

Why: Because it’s lightweight and it can be used without a mousepad. The various DPI settings are good for adjusting settings on the fly, and the extra side buttons are perfect for assigning other controls like grenades or sprinting.

Name: Gillian (Discord:Gillian the G-unit)

Position: Marketing Manager and Graphic Design wizard

Favourite Multiplayer game: Battlefield 5

Favourite role/ play style: I love playing Medic or Scout. With medic I can rush into capturing a point and throw a smoke grenade to hide myself or revive fellow teammates, same time using Sten gun as my choice of weapon as its quick fire-rate gets me out of sticky situations in all ranges.

Additionally, I love the M28 Con Tromboncino bolt-action carbine for long range. Gets me some sweet headshots. If I’m not rushing and feeling adventurous, I go the Scout route with my favourite Gewehr no scope.

Favourite Thermaltake Product to game with: The Neptune Elite RGB gaming keyboard – Brown Switch

Why: Brown switch all the way! Firstly, it’s much quieter and not so ‘clickity clack’ like the blue switch! Also, it has a premium feel to it and is very easy to clean. Also, its media keys – especially its scroll wheel for the volume – are very handy dandy!

Name: Justin (Discord: JustinTT)

Position: Video Editor and Producer

Favourite Multiplayer game: World of Warcraft

Favourite role: Healer (Discipline Priest)

Favourite Thermaltake Product to game with: My Razer Naga just died, so I replaced it with a Thermaltake Level 10 M Advanced Hybrid

Why: You need lots of buttons for MMOs; and with the joystick, 2 custom buttons, and the wheel button, there are quite a few buttons to customise! I chose the Level 10 M over our Nemesis (our most obvious MMO mouse) because I use a laptop to game/edit videos, so having the option of going either wireless or wired is very handy for when I’m on the go.

Name: Jono (Discord: Jonaphen)

Position: Digital Production Manager

Favourite Multiplayer game: Currently, it’s Apex Legends

Favourite role/character/play style to play: Speaking play style, I’m generally running around with a rifle (G7 Scout or the Triple-take) and an Alternator, or the EVA-8. I love either close quarters, or shooting from range laying down some long shots to help team-mates.

I love playing as Octane as a solo or when I’m queuing with randoms, as I can hold me own playing as him. However, if I’m playing with team-mates with comms, then I do love a little bit of Gibraltar action. “I gotchu brother!”.

Favourite Thermaltake Product to game with: Am I allowed to have two?! Bad luck, I’m doing it anyway! The Level 20 RGB Keyboard (Silver switch) and Riing Trio fans.

Why: This is going to be an odd one but I actually love our Riing Trio fans. They serve two functions for me. The first being that they help keep my hardware nice and cool, but also because they look absolutely amazing when I sync them with my Razer mouse and synapse, which has APEX: Legends specific effects.

As for something that actually affects my in-game “performance” (I say that lightly), I really like the Level 20 RGB keyboard (Silver switches baby!). I love how minimal the actuation point is, how they’re not loud and clicky, and the RGB lights (which once again syncs up with Razer Chroma) are not too bright and overpowering. Additionally, the looks are an added bonus, that brushed aluminium housing is delicious!



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